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Re: Theos-World Carlos' intent to disrupt and his "sacred task"

Mar 19, 2006 02:45 PM
by Steven Levey

Dear Krsanna
       I think that your assumptions of Carlos's extremes are quite right. But you are confusing such extremes with a negative motive, which I think you are mistaken about. The oddity and deviance of Adyar (including all of this business with CWL, AB and the world Teacher in the guise of Krishnamurti) are clear, as he has shown. Regardless of this confused business about IP adressess regarding Daniel and David (they probably are the same person-mostly shown by their silence), his corrupt methods are also clear. The same is true of Paul's unspoken but clear inuendo, and even misjudgements about HPB. Let us not "throw out the baby with the bath water".
      I have witnessed on my own, and others I know, a similar kind of exageration with mean motives in other Lodges, and Carlos, however in error, is fighting the good fight to clear Theosophy of its rubbish. Hopefully, your work and others may allow him to see these exagerations for what they are, and how harmful they are to even his own concerns.

krsanna <> wrote:
  Dear All – Carlos invited me to join this list in his email of 
February 24, saying, "We are promoting a small revolution here." He 
expanded on his strategy in a March 3 email, asking for my patience 
and compassion "in the disruption of such a magnetic TRAP," as 
a "SERVICE to the cause of truth." 

His paranoid conviction that "Theos-talk used to be controlled by 
Daniel you-know-whom," that Carlos accused of being a Jesuitical 
dugpa, as well as other topics, looked like promising material for a 
chapter. Carlos spoke of his disruption of the magnetic war as 
a "sacred task." I watched Carlos in his daily epistles dispensing 
complaints and advice to others, his idea of controlling the list.

The first falsehood Carlos asserted was in his first 
email. "Perhaps half of the 500 people [on Theos-talk] belong to 
Adyar…" There were 306 members on the list on February 24, when I 
joined it. There are 306 members today, March 18. 

Carlos has been true to his "sacred task" with continual attempts to 
disrupt the list and, presumably, control it as he perceived 
(perhaps erroneously) that Daniel Caldwell had done. In his "sacred 
task", Carlos is inserts dogma that exceeds theosophical 
fundamentalism. Claiming relevancy of all things, specifying dogs 
as relevant creatures, Carlos has not yet told us when he last took 
a stray dog to a veterinarian, an act of mercy that would distract 
him from his war on Theos-talk. All dogs may be as relevant as 
Carlos claims, but not relevant enough for an investment of time and 
energy. Talk is cheap. Carlos' war is sacred.

Would HPB want Carlos to engage in a sacred task of disrupting a 
magnetic trap by attacking perceived opponents with false 
accusations? HPB was never attacked anyone with false claims as 
Carlos does on a routine basis. She never spoke of starting a 
revolution. Her work was to lay the cornerstone for the future. 

Carlos has made HPB the central figure of a crusade very much like 
the Christian Inquisition that required infidels to declare Jesus as 
their savior. HPB never demanded fanaticism, and complained about 
Olcott's fanatical behavior. 

I have gathered some great material in the few weeks I've been on 
Theos-talk. Thank you, all of you, for participating in this 
experiment. Carlos' emails to me are copied below.

Best regards,
Krsanna Duran

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From: carlosaveline cardoso aveline 
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2006 6:13 AM
Subject: RE: Hey from Krsanna Duran

Dear Krsanna,

…Would you join Theos-talk? We are promoting a small revolution 
there. Five hundred people take part.

If you want to join, Dallas Tenbroeck can tell you how.
I hope to hear from you on that.

Best regards, Carlos.

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From: carlosaveline cardoso aveline 
Sent: Friday, March 03, 2006 7:52 AM
Subject: Private Message to Krisanna


For years Theos-talk used to be controlled by Daniel you-know-whom.
Perhaps half of the 500 people belong to Adyar, and most of the 500
do not know the extension of CWL's treason.

This is an opportunity for them to know that.

Your recent postings were most helpful in that hard but significant 
and to me sacred task.

The movement as a whole must know what CL did in order to get rid 
from from the organizative/bureaucratic traps he created for 
thousands and thousands of SOULS, generation after generation, since 
he first controlled the Adyar ES by 1900.

If you have the patience and compassion necessary to help more in 
the disruption of such a magnetic TRAP, I guess it will be a 
significant SERVICE to the cause of truth.

On the other hand—sorry, can you give me the meaning of the 
word "chummy"?

And --- you say:

"I'd like to do a chart of key issues that HPB and the Mahatmas 
concentrated on then show the positions that Sinnett, Leadbeater and 
Besant took on the same issues. This would demonstrate the point 
that these individuals acted in opposition to theosophical teachings 
while calling their practices theosophy."

I made that chart with some 11 points in 1999-2000, wrote to Joy 
MIlls, he wrote I was right and aksed to keep quiet! Now the points 
are dozens.

I am focussing the main absurds from Adyar, one by one, in Theos-
talk, almost every day.

Later on I will have all of them in my computer.

You can help discuss them, bring more items, enlighten their real 
meaning, etc.

Really GOOD to have you at Theos-talk. Can you tell me a little bit 
about you?


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