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"You believe well, but not wisely"

Mar 19, 2006 02:34 PM
by TimeStar

An HPB commentary in "The Secret Doctrine" is especially pertinent to
contemporary conditions of the earth.  She discusses the effects of changes
in the speed of the earth's rotation on land distributions.  Perhaps
expecting all earth changes HPB spoke about to come in one grand slam home
run at the end of 25,920 years, a Great Year, some narcissistic true
believers do not consider continual changes in the earth worthy of comment.

HPB, nonetheless, thought the topic of spin velocity worthy of mention in
the "SD."  As it turned out, speed of the earth's spin velocity and the
equator's bulge, on which HPB commented were significant in years
immediately before and after the most catastrophic earthquake ever recorded
in history, on December 26, 2004.   

HPB stated that a decreasing speed of the earth's rotation will cause new
lands to rise in the middle belt (equator), while the poles are subject to
submersion (or Pralaya).  An increasing speed will cause a flattening of the
poles and a bulge in the equator results.  

A bulge at the earth's equator was first noticed in 1998 by satellite data.
According to HPB, the growing equatorial bulge would cause lands to submerse
at the equator.  Before 1998, Earth's equatorial bulge was getting smaller
because of post-glacial rebound.    

A redistribution of land near the equator in the Indonesia earthquake is
exactly what happened six years after NASA detected a growing bulge at the
equator in satellite photos.  The speed of the planet's rotation slowed down
slightly after the Indonesia earthquake in 2004.  


    "When the Wheel runs at the usual rate, its extremities (the poles)
agree with its middle circle (equator), when it runs slower and tilts in
every direction, there is a great disturbance on the face of the Earth. The
waters flow toward the two ends, and new lands arise in the middle belt
(equatorial lands), while those at the ends are subject to pralayas by
submersion. . . .' 

    "Thus the wheel (the Earth) is subject to, and regulated by, the Spirit
of the Moon, for the breath of its waters (tides). Toward the close of the
age (Kalpa) of a great (root) race, the regents of the moon (the Pitar
fathers, or Pitris) begin drawing harder, and thus flatten the wheel about
its belt, when it goes down in some places and swells in others, and the
swelling running toward the extremities (poles) new lands will arise and old
ones be sucked in.' (SD 2:324-5) 

Conditions of the earth are greatly influenced by dynamics HPB spoke about
in "Secret Cycles," and by human karma - causes and effects of human action.
The earth does not wait for a signal to make all necessary changes in one
swoop, but is in constant change that increases and decreases with cycles.

The effects of spin velocity stated above is one small glimmer of the
secrets that HPB shared in "The Secret Doctrine," if one reads her words

Best regards,
Krsanna Duran

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