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Carlos' Revolution: ADYAR TS AND ITS FUTURE

Mar 18, 2006 08:10 AM
by krsanna

Carlos -- You told me you wanted to start a revolution on this 
list.  Have you already given up?  Or have you had a mood swing into 
another kind of sweeping conclusion?

Best regards,

--- In, "carlosaveline cardoso aveline" 
<carlosaveline@...> wrote:
> Friends,
> Nigel's last sentence, below, is:
> "With the Adyar Society, some of us live in hope..."
> And I am among them, although I am not a member of it.
> My first hope is that Adyar TS Publishing Houses will STOP trying 
to adopt 
> the Coulombs/Soloviof
> libels against HPB published and accepted as if they were  her own 
words and 
> as part of the "theosophical literature".
> My second hope is that Adyar TS will get rid of CWL's fancies and 
of the 
> authoritarian power-structure, the "esoteric popery" inherited 
from him and 
> A. Besant.
> I am sure such an evolution, to take place in the next few 
> will be most positive to the theosophical movement as a whole -- 
so this is 
> my hope.   And I know of many, many  honest people within the 
Adyar TS and 
> around the world who will be probably helping this improvement.
> Best regards,   Carlos.
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> >Subject: Theos-World Re: Of historical interest perhaps? Steve, 
Carlos et 
> >al.
> >Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 02:53:46 -0000
> >
> >--- In, Steven Levey <sallev1@> wrote:
> > >
> > > Thank you for this. It is an amazing commentary, and so self
> >validating to me, (although others may look for and find areas of
> >contention, or mismatiching quotes), that it requires nothing 
from me.
> > >
> > >   Steve
> >
> >Dear Steve and all,
> >Thank you Steve for your response. Apologies for the duplication 
> >passages in the article.
> >Yes, some may challenge the exactitude of certain aspects of the
> >information, but as you allude, this wouldn't detract from the
> >overall truth of the article. Moreover, it doesn't hide Mr Buxey's
> >tremendous disquiet at the workings of the Adyar Society. This 
> >one who was introduced to Theosophy at age 5 and who apparently
> >worked closely with Mr N Sri Ram (5th International president, 
> >TS)in Adyar for some time. In 1996 he wrote in a letter to 
me "
> >regret I still have is that the mistakes made by vested interests 
> >not corrected and still continue till date, and till end of next
> >century perhaps. For instance, O.D.L. (Old Diary Leaves by Olcott)
> >will be printed and re-printed, till 2096 A.D. ..." Brackets mine.
> >He made a number of other quite shocking allegations concerning 
> >acquisition of property by the Adyar Society which is also a 
> >topic of discussion on this forum.
> >His parting words to me in one of his letters were, "You reminded 
> >of me - so I wrote. I felt as you did. I do not want others to
> >suffer, as 5 generations suffered this century."
> >His lament and feeling of responsibility to warn others of part of
> >the history and nature of the Adyar Society is felt by many of us 
> >feel betrayed by those in authority in that organisation. Carlos'
> >strong and relentless challenges on this forum are entirely
> >understandable to me. With many others, we each gave our heartfelt
> >commitment to serving the Adyar Society and it's putative search 
> >Truth only to discover the reality was somewhat different from our
> >own perception of truth. As Carlos has alluded, and to which I
> >subscribe, there are many fine members in the organisation, 
> >political considerations seem sometimes to overrule that which 
> >perceive as being true, just and fair. Information and more
> >information, coupled with an open and receptive mind seems the 
> >way for people in any organisation to change.
> >With the Adyar Society, some of us live in hope, as did Mr Buxey.
> >
> >Regards
> >Nigel
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