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Re: Theos-World Re: dehumanizing billions

Mar 19, 2006 07:34 AM
by Steven Levey

        Of course there is a problem with being a Jew. I was raised as one, and upon encountering thoughtful people and thoughtful texts, in my early twentys, it became clear to me that I had a problem with myself as a Jew. I mean, Jews are as vindictive a people as there is on this globe. So, a youngster either finds the self-riteousness to justify this behavior in himself, or finds his or herself in a deep quandery. One which will lead to philosphical freedom. But this similar to Damodar's thought in "Casts in India", an article I found personally very useful.
      This is obviously a razor's edge, because Judaism has its roots in the Kabbala. But this is because all so-called Semitic religions so, based in the 5 books of Moses called the Pentateuch, Old Testiment, or the Torah, as they are. So the problem is not Judaism per say, it is people and the way they lazily interpret it, that, and the way they raise their kids. Well, that's how they were raised, so they perpetuate a myth within a myth, based in kabbalisitic mysteries.
     New people coming to this list might resonate with my feelings, regardless of the tradition they were raised in.

carlosaveline cardoso aveline <> wrote:
Hey, people, is there a problem with being a Jew?


>From: Bart Lidofsky 
>Subject: Re: Theos-World Faking scientific data in America and dehumanizing 
>Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 00:25:35 -0500
>krsanna wrote:
> > As a Jew by birth, his chances of genital mutilation for ritual
> > purposes skyrocketed.
> Hey, it could be worse. At least my parents could afford a vowel.
> Bart
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