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Democracy and Universal Brotherhood

Mar 19, 2006 06:30 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Dear Friends,

Is there a link between political democracy and freedom, on one hand, and
universal brotherhood, on the other?

Are our frustrations with present-day society deep enough to make us
despise civil liberties as they have existed, and evolved, in the West
in the last few centuries?

In the USA, for instance, it was only in the 1960s that important progress
in civil liberties was made with regard to black people. It has gradually spread
to other countries since.

The principle of universal brotherhood is sponsored by the U.N. and it may take
a few centuries to be part of human culture and daily life as a whole.

The WW II which destroyed Europe and Japan was made only half a century ago.

How can the theosophical movement face its present differences putting facts above
personal attachments, having respect for differences and even for paradoxes,
so that we work as a nursery, so to say, for a feeling of universal understanding
which is NOT based on UNIFORMITY OF THOUGHT, nor in any "central

If the universe has its centre everywhere, so must the theosophical movement
have its own centre everywhere within its small "universe".

Each lodge or group, as Theos-talk, is, in a way, one "centre" of the movement,
and it may think and act as such. Not as "the" centre, but "one" centre.

Each aspect of life interacts with all the other aspects.

Yet, my question remains: do we believe in democracy? Do we believe in the Western democracies?

Are we willing to produce universal understanding?

Best regards, Carlos.

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