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Re: Theos-World TSA's motive in lawsuit with Tacoma

Mar 18, 2006 10:27 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

krsanna wrote:
Discussion about financial motivation has been carried on by Bart.
I have answered questions about the TSA bylaws by people claiming that the TSA could transfer the property or its issue into Wheaton's coffers.

> I
said in another post that Bart may not understand trust management. Bart did not respond when I asked him if TSA bylaws and/or regulations forbid tampering with elections in lodges, which is electioneering.
I do understand trust management. I didn't answer because it was irrelevant. However, the definition of electioneering IS relevant. Let's start with Merriem-Webster:

Main Entry: elecˇtionˇeer
Pronunciation: i-"lek-sh&-'nir
Function: intransitive verb
Etymology: election + -eer (as in privateer, v.)
: to take an active part in an election; specifically : to work for the election of a candidate or party
- elecˇtionˇeerˇer noun

I see do not see "tampering" or any implication of it here.

I said that TSA has engaged in electioneering, which I believe is
forbidden by TSA bylaws and/or regulations. Shameless electioneering that Betty Bland and Jeffrey Forth by demanding that Tacoma elect new officers is well documented.
I can't find anything about it in the bylaws. A demand to elect new officers, on the other hand, is not electioneering, although I would like to see the wording of this demand.


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