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Has Russian Scientist extended quantum theory to prove theosophy?

Mar 18, 2006 05:40 PM
by leonmaurer

The following is a transcript of an interview with Russian physicist Boris 
Iskakov who posits a new theory of quantum physics that appears to synthesize 
science and religion.   This theory closely relates to my ABC   theory of 
coenergetic fields (also consistent with theosophy) that goes a bit deeper than 
Iskakov does -- by explaining the origin, as well as the method of wave form 
information transfer (to consciousnesss) of his so called "superfluid."   According 
to Iskakov, this subtle substance is composed of a cloud (or clouds) of 
"microlepton" particles... Thus, justifying a particularized space approach similar 
to quantum field theories on our macro plane.   However, his cloud of micro 
leptons might just as well have been called "aether" or "ether" as Blavatsky 
and Einstein did (although superfluid is more scientific these days, since the 
ether was disproven by the relatively faulty Michelson-Morley experiment:-).

This new theory could very well have been inspired by the Secret Doctrine -- 
which my ABC collaborator, Dr. Philip Perchion, showed to a large group of 
leading Russian scientists visiting MIT for a physics conference back in 1986-7.  
 Among them was Yakov Borisovich Zel'dovich and possibly Andrei Sakharov, 
along with several other important Russian scientists.

The book shown them was a relatively new copy of a facsimile edition of the 
SD in which I had notated all the references pertaining to Einstein's theories 
of relativity, quantum, photoelectricity, etc., and all other theories that 
have sprung out of them during the past century.   At the time, the Russians saw 
and discussed some of these references with Dr. Perchion. See:

Incidentally, it was Perchion who contributed most of the modern scientific 
background for Sylvia Cranston's biography of HPB.

Dr. Perchion later told me that the scientists at the MIT conference were 
completely taken aback and very surprised by such a revelation, and at the same 
time were impressed by the fact that it was written by a Russian.   As a 
result, he gave the book as a gift to Zel'dovitch to take back to Russia with him.   

Recently, I heard that the Secret Doctrine has now become a respected physics 
reference textbook used by all the Russian Institutes of Science and 

Article follows: 
quoted from: 

                              QUANTUM MECHANICS
                                  AND SOME
                            SURPRISES OF CREATION

Cross posted from I_UFO, by Glenda Stocks, again By Bill Moore
Scanned from the CONTACT, June 14,1994, with permission.


... we will define this writing as simply an interesting look
into quantum-statistical methods of simulating energy-informational

... Boris Iskakov who was born in Magnitogorsk on November 14, 1934.
He is a graduate of the Institute of Physical Engineering in Moscow.

... In this work he endeavors to synthesize elements of science
and religion.   Dr. Iskakov has recently been interrogated and we
would share the interview with you.

... The interview comes from Russian documents so we will meander
through the translations as best we can and at least you will be
introduced to such as "leptons", etc.



The equations of Schrodinger and Dirac, well known in quantum
physics, describe the laws of the conservation of probability for
fluxes of matter at the level of elementary particles of the
microworld. By means of certain mathematical transformations I
(Dr. Iskakov) obtained equivalent equations of a much broader
applicability. They describe the laws of the conservation of
probability for fluxes of matter, energy, and information. The
equations have a deep philasophical meaning, which extends far
beyond the interpretation of the Schrodinger and Dirac equations. An
appropriate name for them is, in my view, suggested by a doctrine
of Oriental philosophy--karma. In a narrow sense, it claims that
every deed or thought, good or bad, receives due reward or
retribution. In a broader sense, it denotes the principle of unity,
integrity, and inter-conditionality and causality in the Universe.
That is how I construe the term "equations of karma", which
describe any cause-and-effect relationship.


The study of psychic phenomena dictated the need to define the
concept of the information-energy field. Its material medium,
according to contemporary notions, may be a global lepton gas,
consisting of extremely light particles, microleptons, with a mass
of 10^-40 - 10^-30 g. Microleptons are much lighter than electrons
and are capable af freely penetrating any body in the Universe. The
gaps between atomic nuclei are for them just as spacious as are the
holes in a fishing net for molecules of air.


The idea of a microlepton gas appears to echo the 19th-century
notion of the universal ether, but is scientifically much more
complex and profound. What we are talking about in this case is no
longer an ideal space-pervading fluid, but a quantum-granular
structure of the space-time continuum, filled with whirling streams
of polarized microleptons (including some virtually vacuum-born).

Such an approach enables us to use the mathematical apparatus of
quantum mechanics to describe the information-energy field.
Moreover, relationships of a higher level of generalization are
derived than the classical equations of Schrodinger. The new
equations describe not only the movements of matter, but also the
development of the totality of interconnections, signals, events,
and processes. The special term introduced for such relationships
is "equations of karma". As for karma, it is understood to mean a
broad philosophical category of universal inter-conditionality,
causality, and dependence in combination with the principle of the
unity and integrity of the Universe. There are two equations of
karma--the direct and the complex-conjugated:

GS> (NOTE:   I have substituted regular letters for the Dr.'s
GS> symbols)

        AY=0; A'Y'=0;

       where the operators have the form

        A=2h^2V + i2h o/o t-9;
        A'=2h^2V - i2h o/o t-9.

Here Y denotes the probability density wave (the wave function);
V, the Laplace operator; 9, the potential energy density, and h,
Planck's constant.

These equations may be solved in the form of karma waves and
anti-waves with quantization of probability waves. Connected with
them are perturbations of the information-energy field, i.e., wave
signals. In principle, such signals may propagate faster than light.

The equations of karma make it possible to draw certain
philosophical conclusions of fundamental significance. It follows
from them that diffraction takes place not only in space but also in
time. Any event is, so to speak, split in space-time. The
propagation of a solitary signal is preceded by a series of pre-
signals and followed by post-signals, both fading with distance.
Perceptive analysts are able to use the first intimations of
pre-signals to give a precise picture of a coming event. This is
called scientific foresight. But there is also intuitive prevision.
Centuries ago clairvoyants described events that are happening in
our time. 

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