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Re: Theos-World Carlos' intent to disrupt list and "sacred task"

Mar 18, 2006 02:44 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Thanks for the info.

Those of us who have been around maillists know that no one can control any
list, least of all this one. When a subscriber starts posting "disruptive"
or illogical posts, what we have seen is that as time goes on other
subscribers tend to avoid responding and many tend to frequently use the
delete key and in the long run they posters go away to other lists.


On 3/18/06, krsanna <> wrote:
> Dear All  Carlos invited me to join this list in his email of
> February 24, saying, "We are promoting a small revolution here."  He
> expanded on his strategy in a March 3 email, asking for my patience
> and compassion "in the disruption of such a magnetic TRAP," as
> a "SERVICE to the cause of truth."
> His paranoid conviction that "Theos-talk used to be controlled by
> Daniel you-know-whom," that Carlos accused of being a Jesuitical
> dugpa, as well as other topics, looked like promising material for a
> chapter.  Carlos spoke of his disruption of the magnetic war as
> a "sacred task."  I watched Carlos in his daily epistles dispensing
> complaints and advice to others, his idea of controlling the list.

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