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TSA's motive in lawsuit with Tacoma

Mar 18, 2006 12:38 PM
by krsanna

Dear All -- On March 14 I explicity stated I do not believe 
financial gain is TSA's motive for the lawsuit filed against the 
Tacoma Lodge.  The TSA's motive is more complex than simple money.  
Discussion about financial motivation has been carried on by Bart. I 
said in another post that Bart may not understand trust management.  
Bart did not respond when I asked him if TSA bylaws and/or 
regulations forbid tampering with elections in lodges, which is 

I said that TSA has engaged in electioneering, which I believe is 
forbidden by TSA bylaws and/or regulations.  Shameless 
electioneering that Betty Bland and Jeffrey Forth by demanding that 
Tacoma elect new officers is well documented.  

by Krsanna Duran

TSA executives certainly know that they need property and 
resources to function and expand their operation. Further, it is 
possible that the organization is experiencing some difficult times.

Financial gain, in my opinion, is NOT TSA's primary motivation. 
They don't intend to let the building, the library and the 
archives get away, if they can help it. I don't think they initiated 
litigation for the purpose.

I believe TSA executives honestly believe they need to keep a rein 
on theosophical organizations in order to make theosophy -- as 
they understand it -- succeed. As a parallel, Anand sincerely 
believes that Adyar is the master's elect center. I suspect TSA 
Wheaton executives profoundly believe their organization is 
essential to the success of theosophy.

TSA must gain control of membership and property in order to 
succeed at their mission. This end justifies the means. They know 
their financial position has become precarious since the Shirley 
MacLain phenomenon changed the market that had sustained their 
publishing house for decades. 

TSA filed the lawsuit for what they construe as the best interests 
of theosophy, which translates as the best interest of TSA. These 
are "good" people who wouldn't admit to harming a fly, and they 
believe their own story. 

I suspect they decided something had to be done about John Scott, 
because John Scott wouldn't play pussy with them. Their only hope 
of gaining control of the Tacoma Lodge was a lawsuit.

Betty Bland shamelessly told members of the Tacoma Lodge they had 
to elect new [officers] members when visiting on 10/22/05. 
Electioneering of that type is forbidden by TSA rules. When, at the 
same meeting, John told her about recent decisions the Lodge had 
made, Betty said his account was news to her. John said that he had 
sent a letter informing her of everything he had mentioned. Betty 
responded with something like, "Oh, that letter. I threw it away. It 
was too emotional." The letter was a legal announcement. Betty threw 
it away? Throwing the letter away then announcing it at a public 
meeting that it was too emotional is outrageous, when the pending 
lawsuit that Betty knew would be filed 9 days later. Betty also 
told John in the course of the meeting that "she would just have 
to call in her legal team." 

Betty may not have considered a court might take her action of 
throwing the letter away far more seriously than she did. Only 
smug self-righteousness accounts for Betty's behaviour. I believe 
this is what is behind TSA's lawsuit, more than the financial gain 
to be acquired for TSA members. 


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