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RE: 1906 Controversy Sources

Mar 18, 2006 06:38 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

3/18/2006 5:19 AM


Dear Friends:

As far as I can see, there is no specific reason to think that the review of
history in the areas of theosophical influence, doctrines and discussion
since 1875, does anything more than make it plain what actually happened.
The events, specially, the documents and other facts remain as basic
evidence. Opinions about causes, reasons and methods of individuals may

In so doing, how various individuals (who assumed, or were given
responsibility) handled this great and wonderful movement through the
framework and development of the formal THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETIES --  the first
being started in 1875, so as to make this review of the past 131 years plain
to all.  

The THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT includes, (as it has in the past) of course, many
bodies using the word "theosophy" (or an equivalent) but that does not
automatically make them (or any individual) morally or ethically impersonal
and "theosophical." 

One might as well say:  the "Karma" of our World and Universe, as also that
of each individual (human) Monad is involved in this.  We are at present
privileged (through the doctrines of THEOSOPHY) to be given an insight into
the complex operations of the living and wonderfully sensitive organization
that our UNIVERSE IS.  

One of the primary axioms of THEOSOPHY is that every immortal Monad is faced
with the eternal program of eventually spiritualizing itself. Every
'immortal life-atom' will eventually be faced with the conditions and
problems of an ever-living Monad now having to work through human conditions
(as we are) to achieve its own "Mahatmaship."

In this present study of THEOSOPHY we are asked to mentally view the
patterns of eternity, whereby (each of us) as immortal Monads -- all of the
same age and continuity-- are each one,  an individual as well as on a
common program (or pilgrimage) -- we have streamed together out of an
enormously distant PAST;  we have shared life and work together;  and we
have reaped (and are reaping) conjoined consequences as reincarnation sweeps
us ever together again life after life.  In The KEY TO THEOSOPHY [p. 233] H
P B says:

"...these principles are--universal Unity and Causation; Human Solidarity;
the Law of Karma; Reincarnation. These are the four links of the golden
chain which should bind humanity into one universal Brotherhood. "

This is the concept that organized religions have vitiated by denying
immortality and spiritual elevation to every Monad / human.  

The logical and patent concept that "GOD" is universal and present
everywhere, eliminates the concept of "original sin."  It declares the
immanence to the "Godlike Principle" in every human being.  It declares the
logic of Karma, law and condition.  And, of the exactitude of response (by
the UNIVERSE) to our earlier personal choices.

It declares that reincarnation is a universal phenomenon, and reminds us
that our co-eternity is a binding statement of the actual universal
brotherhood of IMMORTALS. The "stranger" of today, may have been a close
relative, a son, mother, daughter, father, etc... of some past life. 

Further, these concepts do not impinge on the rapidity at which every human
Monad may work to fashion himself by his will into a spiritual individual.
In doing this, the "godlike" rules and laws of the UNIVERSE are being
minutely and practically tested by the application that every individual
makes of the common eternal verities and rules of brotherhood that bind all

In my opinion, reviewing the past does little good, we need to change our
perspectives, choose a fresh envisagement of the future. Conclusions are
always private and ought to be left to individuals to work with, and decide
on.  The exchange and broadcasting of personal opinions (over the past --
which we cannot change) does produce friction, perhaps, because of early
involvement and unfortunate decisions -- which one now sees were

However, it ought to be clear that THEOSOPHY is NOT dependent on the
(vahan) for its restatement. The "Societies" may err, but THEOSOPHY does

Having looked over the past, (and, having collected again some of its
grosser impresses) the present moments of decision that will shape our joint
future need consideration. The goods and the ills into which a body of
individuals may fall (as a group) are made up of the many individual
decisions of independent and free people.  This inevitable trend continues.
But we cannot force others to agree to decisions that are right for us. Nor
need we lie about our acceptance or adopting of policies that are basically

Whether there are organizations or not, the decision-making process always
remains firmly in the hands of individuals.  Each Monad carries its own
burden of Karma, and occasionally shares this with others. 

On the subject of philanthropy and charity to others, whether sponsored by
the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY or by individuals, one need only read what HPB
states in The KEY TO THEOSOPHY, pp. 200, 241-251; 270-1; 305-7.

Best wishes,



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From: samblo
Sent: Friday, March 17, 2006 
Subject  RE: 1906 Controversy Sources

Carlos and others,

    In regard to Dr. Tilletts reference to Ransom's Book on Theosophy I
would like say her book was a moving read to me it very much impressed me
when I first read it back in the 1970's. 

What I found especially informative in her book were not the negative
connotations and disagreements so often bought to the fore today. Rather in
her work she devoted very considerable space to informing her readers  of
the bright illuminating Light of Theosophy in Mother India through telling
us of the many "Orphanages" sponsored and created by Theosophy to succor the
waifs and castaways that crowd the streets there. 

She also in her book tells us of the many "nursing and care centers" set up
and sponsored by 
Theosophy in India and the "schools" that were created there by Theosophy. I
often wondered why of all the things people could be pointing to tell people
what value Theosophy was in India it seems they always manage to overlook
Ms. Ransom's and her diligent manifold positive reports of the "Good Works"
of Theosophy. I encourage all to get a copy and read it.


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