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Mar 18, 2006 05:47 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline


Nigel's last sentence, below, is:

"With the Adyar Society, some of us live in hope..."

And I am among them, although I am not a member of it.

My first hope is that Adyar TS Publishing Houses will STOP trying to adopt the Coulombs/Soloviof
libels against HPB published and accepted as if they were her own words and as part of the "theosophical literature".

My second hope is that Adyar TS will get rid of CWL's fancies and of the authoritarian power-structure, the "esoteric popery" inherited from him and A. Besant.

I am sure such an evolution, to take place in the next few years/decades, will be most positive to the theosophical movement as a whole -- so this is my hope. And I know of many, many honest people within the Adyar TS and around the world who will be probably helping this improvement.

Best regards, Carlos.

From: "nhcareyta" <>
Subject: Theos-World Re: Of historical interest perhaps? Steve, Carlos et al.
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 02:53:46 -0000

--- In, Steven Levey <sallev1@...> wrote:
> Thank you for this. It is an amazing commentary, and so self
validating to me, (although others may look for and find areas of
contention, or mismatiching quotes), that it requires nothing from me.
> Steve

Dear Steve and all,
Thank you Steve for your response. Apologies for the duplication of
passages in the article.
Yes, some may challenge the exactitude of certain aspects of the
information, but as you allude, this wouldn't detract from the
overall truth of the article. Moreover, it doesn't hide Mr Buxey's
tremendous disquiet at the workings of the Adyar Society. This from
one who was introduced to Theosophy at age 5 and who apparently
worked closely with Mr N Sri Ram (5th International president, Adyar
TS)in Adyar for some time. In 1996 he wrote in a letter to me "
regret I still have is that the mistakes made by vested interests are
not corrected and still continue till date, and till end of next
century perhaps. For instance, O.D.L. (Old Diary Leaves by Olcott)
will be printed and re-printed, till 2096 A.D. ..." Brackets mine.
He made a number of other quite shocking allegations concerning the
acquisition of property by the Adyar Society which is also a current
topic of discussion on this forum.
His parting words to me in one of his letters were, "You reminded me
of me - so I wrote. I felt as you did. I do not want others to
suffer, as 5 generations suffered this century."
His lament and feeling of responsibility to warn others of part of
the history and nature of the Adyar Society is felt by many of us who
feel betrayed by those in authority in that organisation. Carlos'
strong and relentless challenges on this forum are entirely
understandable to me. With many others, we each gave our heartfelt
commitment to serving the Adyar Society and it's putative search for
Truth only to discover the reality was somewhat different from our
own perception of truth. As Carlos has alluded, and to which I
subscribe, there are many fine members in the organisation, however
political considerations seem sometimes to overrule that which others
perceive as being true, just and fair. Information and more
information, coupled with an open and receptive mind seems the only
way for people in any organisation to change.
With the Adyar Society, some of us live in hope, as did Mr Buxey.


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