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Re: Theos-World Faking scientific data in America and dehumanizing billions

Mar 17, 2006 09:46 PM
by krsanna

Bart "Psychopathy is derived from the Greek psych (mind) and pathos 
(suffering), and was once used to denote any form of mental illness. 
These days Psychopathy is defined in psychiatry as a personality 
disorder characterised by lack of empathy or conscience, poor 
impulse control and manipulative behaviors... 

"Psychopaths may be responsible for a disproportionately large 
amount of crime and general misery, but only a few become serial 
killers, rapists, or child molesters. In these cases there is 
generally at least one additional diagnosis."

Falsificatons of data in American science are established.  American 
science is as capable of being false as Soviet science is.  You have 
a definition of psychopath as it is presently defined, and is the 
definition I intended in my earlier post.  

There's no point in overrunning this discussion unless you have some 
new data to provide, other than general assertions that you are 
right regardless of the facts.

Best regards,


--- In, Bart Lidofsky <bartl@...> wrote:
> krsanna wrote:
> > Bart -- The topic is faking scientific results in America and 
> > Soviet Union, under cover of free enterprise.  America's free 
> > enterprise enables scientific corruption at all levels of the 
> > society, including the American Medical Association.  Party 
> > in the Soviet Union came to America and went into organized 
crime -- 
> > same characters, same corruption.  In the Soviet Union it was 
> > the Communist Party and in America it is called free enterprise 
> > psychopaths.
> 	Please give an operational definition of psychopath, other 
than someone 
> who disagrees with you. And please give an example of the faking 
> scientific evidence in America even close to what was going on in 
> Soviet Union.
> > Agent Orange and the Gulf War Syndrome are next on the list.  
> > full truth of both of these have not yet been made public.  
> 	The full truth of both of these is not known by anybody. 
There is a 
> difference between faking results, and not looking for any.
> > The list 
> > of falsehoods perpetrated by the defense industry could get 
> > lengthy.  One of my favorite "official" deceptions was the Air 
> > public relations officer in July 1997 who spoke about the 
> > NM flying saucer crash in July 1947.  
> > 
> > After the Air Force officer demonstrated a weather balloon that 
> > could have been mistaken for a UFO, one of the press members 
> > how the weather ballon that was introduced in 1954 related to 
> > Roswell incident that happened in 1947.  The Air Force officer 
> > explained that to understand this, one had only to compress 
> 	What did happen in Roswell?
> 	Bart

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