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Re: Theos-World Re: To Jerry, on Pseudo Scholars

Mar 17, 2006 05:32 PM

In 1941 & 2, a Japanese family lived across the street from me. They were given notice, and given time to put their Greenhouse Business with another couple to manage it while they were gone, and then they had to leave. They weren't rounded up at gunpoint. They went peacefully, and after the war, returned to resume their business.

In the family, there were some teen agers whom I admired a great deal. I was sorry to see them go. The old people didn't speak English. Now some of my friends have parents who speak Spanish, but not English.


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One example of Soviet science is Kirlean photography.  If you want
to use politics and humanitarian behavior as a measure of science,
you'll have to do some long hard looking at the U.S.  Interment of
the Japanese during World War II is a good place to start with
American humanitarianism.  The documentation of that one relatively
small instance is good enough to make good discussion.  The
testimony of Japanese-American school children rounded up at
gunpoint is on the books.

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The  Soviet Union's research also showed that acquired
could be  inherited, and, based on using those theories in the
starved to  death several hundred thousand people in what is one
of the
most fertile  areas of the world. Of course, they fixed the
research by
turning those  people into unpersons.

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