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Re: Theos-World RE: 1906 Controversy Sources

Mar 17, 2006 06:16 AM
by samblo

Carlos and others,
    In regard to Dr. Tilletts reference to Ransom's Book on Theosophy I would 
like say her book was a moving read to me it very much impressed me when I 
first read it back in the 1970's. What I found especially informative in her 
book were not the negative connotations and disagreements so often bought to the 
fore today. Rather in her work she devoted very considerable space to 
informing her readers  of the bright illuminating Light of Theosophy in Mother India 
through telling us of the many "Orphanages" sponsored and created by Theosophy 
to succor the waifs and castaways that crowd the streets there. She also in 
her book tells us of the many "nursing and care centers" set up and sponsored by 
Theosophy in India and the "schools" that were created there by Theosophy. I 
often wondered why of all the things people could be pointing to tell people 
what value Theosophy was in India it seems they always manage to overlook Ms. 
Ransom's and her diligent manifold positive reports of the "Good Works" of 
Theosophy. I encourage all to get a copy and read it.


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