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Theos-World Re: To Jerry, on Pseudo Scholars

Mar 16, 2006 08:09 PM
by krsanna

One example of Soviet science is Kirlean photography.  If you want 
to use politics and humanitarian behavior as a measure of science, 
you'll have to do some long hard looking at the U.S.  Interment of 
the Japanese during World War II is a good place to start with 
American humanitarianism.  The documentation of that one relatively 
small instance is good enough to make good discussion.  The 
testimony of Japanese-American school children rounded up at 
gunpoint is on the books.

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> The  Soviet Union's research also showed that acquired 
> could be  inherited, and, based on using those theories in the 
> starved to  death several hundred thousand people in what is one 
of the 
> most fertile  areas of the world. Of course, they fixed the 
research by 
> turning those  people into unpersons.
> It is difficult to take Soviet research into much of anything  
> Chuck the Heretic
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