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Re: Leadbeater's "contemplated marriage"

Mar 16, 2006 05:40 PM
by plcoles1

Hello Gregory,
If you like I can send you my copy as I have finished with it and you 
may like it for your own archives.
If you email me an address, I'll send it to you.
My email address is :

As Mr Michel's book is not available in English it may be of interest 
for you to hear his lecture.



--- In, gregory@... wrote:
> "Mr Michel also makes the interesting claim that Leadbeater was 
> marriage with a lady, this is given as evidence of his sexual 
orientation being
> straight."
> I know of nothing in the writings of Leadbeater or his disciples to 
suggest he
> contemplated marriage. Michel and I had some correspondence prior 
to his
> writing of his book, but this was not mentioned. I have a copy of 
the book, but
> do not read German. An academic colleague gave me a precis of the 
text of the
> first couple of chapters, but as far as I know there is no English 
version of
> the whole work. Perhaps someone would like to volunteer to do a 
translation? I
> have not heard Michel's taped lecture. Perhaps someone would like 
to transcribe
> it for publication.
> As for "contemplated marriage" being evidence of sexuality: 
obviously, many
> people, hereosexual and homosexual, contemplate marriage. Many 
> people are married.
> I have no evidence that Leadbeater was homosexual, nor have I ever 
argued that
> he was. The best evidence I have seen suggests that Leadbeater was 
a paedophile
> which an entirely different sexual orientation.
> The major problem with writers like Michel (and Murphet) is that 
they do not
> clearly indicate the sources for their assertions.
> Dr Gregory Tillett

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