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Leadbeater's "contemplated marriage"

Mar 16, 2006 01:16 PM
by gregory

"Mr Michel also makes the interesting claim that Leadbeater was contemplating
marriage with a lady, this is given as evidence of his sexual orientation being

I know of nothing in the writings of Leadbeater or his disciples to suggest he
contemplated marriage. Michel and I had some correspondence prior to his
writing of his book, but this was not mentioned. I have a copy of the book, but
do not read German. An academic colleague gave me a precis of the text of the
first couple of chapters, but as far as I know there is no English version of
the whole work. Perhaps someone would like to volunteer to do a translation? I
have not heard Michel's taped lecture. Perhaps someone would like to transcribe
it for publication.

As for "contemplated marriage" being evidence of sexuality: obviously, many
people, hereosexual and homosexual, contemplate marriage. Many homosexual
people are married.

I have no evidence that Leadbeater was homosexual, nor have I ever argued that
he was. The best evidence I have seen suggests that Leadbeater was a paedophile
which an entirely different sexual orientation.

The major problem with writers like Michel (and Murphet) is that they do not
clearly indicate the sources for their assertions.

Dr Gregory Tillett

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