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Re: Theos-World Adyar's irrelevancy

Mar 16, 2006 12:06 PM
by Steven Levey

        I concur with your feelings and, really. concerns about the world we bequeath to the "Digital" generation. It is intersting how their Karma is not only their actions but ours, as we leave them a world grossly mishandled, along with a government which is in such desperate need for thoughful reanimation and refocussing on human welfare.
       One of the problems for them, and partially because they have been raised in a rather "instantaneous" perspective, is that there seems to be a difficult grasp on common sense amongst them. I see my daughters and their friends rather slow on the uptake regarding the need for relationships with depth, along with a frivilousness regarding continuity. And, I don't think this is just common to youth. They have amazing attention spans and dexterity as regards a gaming process, but not of the mind regarding ideals. They are naturally anti-sectarian, but not pro-philosophical perspective. They live in a natural sense of communicative wholism, but don't really think about its origins.
      Now I work in an odd world, so the youth in it are vastly different from my own. Fortunately. 
     Working at high level in DC has shown me an interesting cross section of very intelligent, highly motivated, mostly Catholic people in their 20's and 30's. Some of these actually maintain very high profile political offices. They are quick of mind and temper, and by in large, will take over from the "Baby Boomer" politicians-Senators and Congressman. They have a powerful sense of team work ethic, which is bound up in Party affiliations and their Catholicism. They do what ther are told efficiently and ruthlessly (they don't wear brown shirts, but nice suits with red ties and bright white shirts) as they are Blackberried by their "Boss". It is a Jesuitical society, with huge responsibility, good money, cars and nice apartments in the Dupont Circle area of DC. But they are as deficiant of philosophical depth as my kids. So their sense of right and wrong will be wholly dependent upon the prevailing sense of it. Having said that, they are truthful to a fault, in the sense of
 incapacity to lie. Truth itself, being another issue. Go figure.
  Electricity and magnetism are the twins of physicality. 
Instantaneous electronic and computer capabilities changed the way 
the world thinks. Individuals who grew up playing computers games, 
now in their 30's, perceive the world in different terms than, for 
instance, my father's generation. My father was born in a sod hut 
in 1918, and the realities of the electronic world were largely 
outside his purview of the world. 

The problems these kids must deal with are beyond anything 
Theosophists who set the pace for this century – Olcott, Besant, and 
Leadbeater – ever imagined. Take a look at the article below on 
irreversible climate changes associated with the failure of Arctic 
ice to re-form. 

The absurdity of Besant's "Coming" is a frivolous, if not obscene, 
concern in view of the exigencies of keeping the planet alive, 
largely as a result of arrogant misuse and abuse of the environment 
at the hands of the "old" guys. I am ashamed of the mess my 
generation (Baby Boomer) is turning over to the Digital generation. 

In this environment, the National Director of Education at TSA 
questioned, "Should Christmas be saved?" in the National Lodge's 
first issue of their first elist. The culture is outgrowing 
Christmas. (It's about time!!!) ONE TSA MEMBER SUGGESTED CHRISTMAS 
begins to reject Christianized dogma, and TSA members have stepped 
forward to save it for those who still need it. 

I believe HPB's cyclic model will be useful in "life and death" 
environmental issues. That's why I keep talking about cycles and 
timewaves. I backed into Theosophy looking for anything available 
on cycles after I had worked with the Mayan calendar more than a 

Best regards,

By Steve Connor, Science Editor 
Published: 14 March 2006 
Sea ice in the Arctic has failed to re-form for the second 
consecutive winter, raising fears that global warming may have 
tipped the polar regions in to irreversible climate change far 
sooner than predicted. 

Satellite measurements of the area of the Arctic covered by sea ice 
show that for every month this winter, the ice failed to return even 
to its long-term average rate of decline. It is the second 
consecutive winter that the sea ice has not managed to re-form 
enough to compensate for the unprecedented melting seen during the 
past few summers. 

Scientists are now convinced that Arctic sea ice is showing signs of 
both a winter and a summer decline that could indicate a major 
acceleration in its long-term rate of disappearance. The greatest 
fear is that an environmental "positive feedback" has kicked in, 
where global warming melts ice which in itself causes the seas to 
warm still further as more sunlight is absorbed by a dark ocean 
rather than being reflected by white ice…

Dr Serreze said that some parts of the northern hemisphere 
experienced very low temperatures this winter, but the Arctic was 
much warmer than normal. "Even in January, when there were actually 
record low temperatures in Alaska and parts of Russia, it was still 
very warm over the Arctic Ocean," he said.

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> > The internet by itself has done much to make Adyar irrelevant. 
> > more interested in the terms of the Young Theosophists that I 
am in
> > trying to rescue the elder generation. The older generation 
> > disappear and return to seek truth in new cultural terms.
> >
> > In the
> > rapidly becoming old days, groups and organizations were 
> > because the
> > means of communication made them necessary. That may no longer 
> > the case.
> >
> > Chuck the Heretic
> >
> Amen.
> Transportation and communication are some of the key factors that 
> changed the world for good, much to the chagrin of the older 
> mkr
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