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Theos-World Re: taped lecture by Peter Michel

Mar 15, 2006 09:10 PM
by krsanna

John -- The story gets better with more detail.  Initially, she 
believed she had an ET problem.  Snakes are reptiles, and she had 
heard about Reptilian ET's.  We spent the first part of the discussion 
with me repeating that in 60 years of UFO reports, there wasn't a 
single case of a snake infestation by Reptilian ET's.  It didn't sound 
like an ET problem.  

What made her think it was ET's?  Because that's the only thing she 
could think of to explain the problem and Archangel Michael had told 
her the snakes were from a dying planet.  We proceeded to the 
Archangel Michael dialog.

If she believed the source of the problem was ET's because she 
couldn't think of anything else that could cause her problem, maybe 
some education would help.  She was very curious about anything else 
that could cause the problem besides snakes from a dying planetl.

I asked her if she had ever thought of voodoo.  I didn't believe the 
snakes were a voodoo manifestation, but I wanted her to realize there 
were other things that could cause the problem she was having besides 
Reptilian ET's from another planet.

"Do you think I've been cursed?" she wanted to know.  That started the 
last phase of our conversation.  I didn't think she had been cursed, 
but I did think she needed to look at a alternative explanations.  She 
sounded pretty desperate, so, in the end, I loaned her a book that I 
left on my porch for her to pick up.  

Dora van Gelder Kunz's book on the human aura was the most expendable 
book at hand, so I left that on the porch.  She didn't know anything 
about the aura or energy bodies, and the book will be instructive.  I 
have not heard from her since she picked up the book about one month 

Someday that woman will call me or show up with a story that may 
exceed any alternative I could offer.  She was very sincere and 
couldn't stop after work to get the book because she has an elderly 
cat (14 years?) that requires special fluids every night.  

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