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Re: Theos-World Re: The Church of Light

Mar 15, 2006 08:46 PM
by Cass Silva

The Church of Light
What          is Spiritual Mind Treatment?
         Spiritual          Mind Treatment is our form of prayer. We do not beg, plead or bargain.          We know the truth about a particular situation. It          is a powerful process and we have witnessed countless changes in our lives.
       The          Steps of Treatment:
         We begin by recognizing God’s unlimited          qualities—such as wisdom, peace, joy, love, peace, prosperity etc.          
         We unite with God and recognize our oneness with our source. 
         Next, we speak our word for a greater realization of truth in a particular          area such as prosperity. 
         Then, if needed, obliterate and release anything that is operating in          our consciousness (know or unknown) that is in opposition to this truth.          
       Then          we restate our good, from our new position of clarity after releasing.
         We then place it into the law of mind which acts upon our word. 
         With gratitude we release it, knowing it is done.                     
                                                 If          you would like to receive Prayer Treatment for a particular area of your          life, please fill out a Prayer Treatment Request on Sunday. A Practitioner          will treat for you during the week. A Practitioner is also available after          service each Sunday for a brief individual session. If you have an immediate          need, a Practitoner is always available. You may call Rev. Claire at 704.393.5157.
       Treatment          for Our New Church Building
                    Please          join us as we treat for our new church building.
       Knowing          and recognizing that the Church of Light of Religious Science is in the          mind of God. I know that the perfect building, in the perfect location          at the perfect price already exists. I know that this church is nestled          in the midst of nature and that nature is experienced inside and outside          of the church building. There are trees, bushes, flowers and waterfalls          as well as a lake. The inside is flooded with light and love. The building          welcomes you and you feel a sense of ease as you enter it. The structure          is the perfect level to accommodate our membership as it is and as it          grows. There is an abundance of land and the opulence of God is fully          experienced. I have the consciousness of this church uplifting and dissolving          any doubt. This church is claimed, experienced, loved, supported and serves.          I place this into the Law of Mind with gratitude and so it is.        
       Visioning          Treatments          
             Treatment          for the music ministry of the Church of Light 
             'l'his          treatment is for the Church of Light of Religious Science. I know that          God is joy, comfort, and loving expression as music. I speak my word for          the increase of diversity in music showing up as voices, instruments,          and creativity. 'l'his music inspires and opens hearts with joy and gladness.          It helps to guide others to us as we express our truth. I dissolve and          dissipate anything in consciousness outside of this truth and embrace          this wonderful music program. I place this into the Law with gratitude          and so it is.
             Treatment          for Communication about The Church of Light
                             This treatment is for the Church of Light of Religious Science. I know          that God expresses as the Church of Light and that there are many looking          for this church. I know that all the wisdom, monies, manpower, creativity,          and resources needed to let people know this church exists come forth          right now. I know that we are able to communicate with each other in an          open and loving way. We respect diversity of ideas and seek the greater          good, allowing God to speak as us. I know that the idea that we are a          secret, or exclusive, is obliterated forever and in its place is the awareness          of the Church of Light. I know the answer to many people’s quest          for understanding God is found in this teaching. They find us and know,          feel and lovingly discover that this is their spiritual home. I am gratelul          for this truth and release it to the great Law of Mind, and so it is.
              Treatment          for the Junior Church of Light 
             This          treatment is for the Church of Light of Religious Science. I know that          God is love, wisdom, kindness and joy found in young people. I know that          the Church of Light stretches out its arms and embraces them. I lovingly          and willingly share the path with our young people. The church draws to          itself the materials, teachers, space, creativity, wisdom, joy and love          to nurture our young people. We grow in numbers and make a difference          in their lives as they make a difference in ours. I place this into the          Law, knowing there is nothing standing in the way of this truth. With          gratitude, I let it be and so it is. 
       Treatment          for Abundance 
             This          treatment is for the Church of Light of Religious Science. God is all          there is. God is the source of all there is. I know that as the members          of this church enter into the Law of circulation and the Law of Good we          are (I am) able to give increasingly because we (I) have the understanding          that we (I) give with gratitude for what God has given us. We (I) give          to support our spiritual growth, we (I) give because we (I) can and we          (I) can’t out-give God. We are (I am) surrounded by the abundance          of God and choose to participate in this truth. 'l'his giving blesses          our church, our community and our lives. We are (I am) rich, opulent and          abundant and so is this church. Any idea, known or unknown, outside of          this truth is removed forever and the truth of this abundance is accepted.          Gratefully, I place this into the Law of Mind and so it is.
       Click          here to          read the daily Treatment from Creative Thought magazine, courtesy of Religious          Science of Nashville.

krsanna <> wrote: I haven't seen the book.  One big question comes to mind:  How did 
the Mahatma make the statement?  After HPB died, Sinnett and 
Leadbeater began using mediumistic channels.  Perry, I don't know 
what your experience with trance channels and mediums is, but I 
would love to share some of my favorite stories about the things 
that channels say.  

I once witnessed a battle between two St. Germaine channels 
simultaneously channeling contradictory messages from the 
same "master."  As channel #1 began speaking on behalf of St. 
Germaine, channel #2 fell into a trance and began speaking as St. 
Germaine.  Channel #2 never apologized, as I recall, because she 
believed St. Germaine # 2 was right in correcting St. Germaine #1.  

I recently received a late-night call about a woman who believed her 
body was infested with snakes from a dying planet.  Where did she 
get that idea?  Archangel Michael told her.  It took an appreciable 
time to make the point that Archangel Michael had been speaking 
through the body of a channel named Mary.  After repeatedly asking 
her to describe whose mouth was moving when the words were said, she 
got the idea.  Then she argued because she thought Mary was an 
honest and good woman.  She only charged $50, and she didn't really 
need the money.  

By the way, Archangel Michael had told her that if she could stand 
the snake infestation for another 6 months, it would mysteriously 
stop.  That was the best the channel could do to help the woman.

Get the idea?

Best regards,

--- In, "plcoles1" 
> Dear Krsanna, Bruce and Carlos & All,
> First of all thanks for sharing all the information you have here 
at theos talk.
> Personally I have found the information very significant and 
helpful in trying to find out 
> more information on the history of the modern theosophical 
> The information on Olcott has added a whole other dimension to the 
> Recently I obtained a taped lecture by Peter Michel called `Life 
and teachings of an Initiate: 
> Charles W Leadbeater from TSA Wheaton.
> One piece of evidence that he gives for the Mahatma's supporting 
CWL is an account given 
> in Howard Murphet's biography on Col. Olcott called `Hammer on the 
> Chapter 24 which describes an astral visitation by M and KH, 
present was Col.Olcott, Marie 
> Russak and Miss Render.
> The masters allededly give support for Mrs Besant saying to be the 
successor to Col.Olcott 
> saying "we shall overshadow her"as well as giving support to CWL.
> To quote from page 307.
> "HSO.: He has (CWL) been wronged?'
> Master M.: `Yes but only in so far as the matter was made 
generally public'"
> The whole chapter is interesting reading, have you any further 
information on this incident 
> and / or on Marie Russak.
> Mr Michel also makes the interesting claim that Leadbeater was 
contemplating marriage 
> with a lady, this is given as evidence of his sexual orientation 
being straight.
> I don't know if Gregory knows anything of this claim?
> Cheers
> Perry

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