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taped lecture by Peter Michel

Mar 15, 2006 08:08 PM
by plcoles1

Dear Krsanna, Bruce and Carlos & All,

First of all thanks for sharing all the information you have here at theos talk.
Personally I have found the information very significant and helpful in trying to find out 
more information on the history of the modern theosophical movement.
The information on Olcott has added a whole other dimension to the picture.
Recently I obtained a taped lecture by Peter Michel called `Life and teachings of an Initiate: 
Charles W Leadbeater from TSA Wheaton.

One piece of evidence that he gives for the Mahatma's supporting CWL is an account given 
in Howard Murphet's biography on Col. Olcott called `Hammer on the mountain'.
Chapter 24 which describes an astral visitation by M and KH, present was Col.Olcott, Marie 
Russak and Miss Render.

The masters allededly give support for Mrs Besant saying to be the successor to Col.Olcott 
saying "we shall overshadow her"as well as giving support to CWL.
To quote from page 307.

"HSO.: He has (CWL) been wronged?'
Master M.: `Yes but only in so far as the matter was made generally public'"

The whole chapter is interesting reading, have you any further information on this incident 
and / or on Marie Russak.

Mr Michel also makes the interesting claim that Leadbeater was contemplating marriage 
with a lady, this is given as evidence of his sexual orientation being straight.

I don't know if Gregory knows anything of this claim?



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