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RE: Dallas: Discussing the Movement

Mar 15, 2006 01:16 PM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

March 15, 2006

Dear Carlos:


See if this is a fair answer and procedure anyone can use.



	Dear friends 

Now that we have practically instant communication and also a wide-spread
access to almost any material (like a vast encyclopedia) it is possible	:

1	To make available copies of original and source documents.

	A	This enables individuals to frame their own free opinions on
past events.
	B	We ought never forget that we are IMMORTAL MONADS
.	C	We are all walking and living on the same pilgrimage.  
	D	We have lived and worked together before and will continue
to do so.
	E	BROTHERHOOD is the only way to consider evolution as a

2	Instant communications with others who

	A	spread the original teachings
	B	study and discuss them; and offer interpretations thereon
	C	makes THEOSOPHY a live study 
	D	shows how Theosophical doctrines and history are true and
	E	its verities as ethics and moral conduct can be adopted
individually and 				applied as personal rules of
life and "virtues"

3	Gives a basis for the consideration of all religions, philosophies
and discussions 	relating to morals and ethics - as implicit in
individual character.

4	Provides a basis for meditation, self-evaluation and self-reform.

5	Providing a "key" to occultism and esotericism, it points to a
universal scheme of self 		development that leaves no part of
the Universe untouched.  All monads are 		immortals and all
may achieve "individual perfection."

6	Sciences, arts, philosophies and daily ethics are viewed as
essential inter-operating  		pats of all evolution, and no part
of Nature (the Universe) is rejected from this 		LAW that provides
the same opportunity for each component (Monad). 

7	The most "advanced" and "perfected" have a duty and responsibility
to assist others 		less "progressed." [ see Voice,  pp. 76-79 ]



Among many ideas brought forward through the theosophical movement there are
three which should never be lost sight of. 

Not speech, but thought, really rules the world; so, if these three ideas
are good let them be rescued again and again from oblivion. 

The first idea is, that there is a great Cause - in the sense of an
enterprise - called the Cause of Sublime Perfection and Human Brotherhood. 

This rests upon the essential unity of the whole human family, and is a
possibility because sublimity in perfectness and actual realization of
brotherhood on every plane of being are one and the same thing. All efforts
by Rosicrucian, Mystic, Mason and Initiate are efforts toward the
convocation in the hearts and minds of men of the Order of Sublime

The second idea is, that man is a being who may be raised up to perfection,
to the stature of the Godhead, because he himself is God incarnate. 

This noble doctrine was in the mind of Jesus, no doubt, when he said that we
must be perfect even as is the father in heaven. This is the idea of human
perfectibility. It will destroy the awful theory of inherent original sin
which has held and ground down the western Christian nations for centuries. 

The third idea is the illustration, the proof, the high result of the
others. It is, that the Masters - those who have reached up to what
perfection this period of evolution and this solar system will allow - are
living, veritable facts, and not abstractions cold and distant. They are, as
our old H.P.B. [Helena Petrovna Blavatsky] so often said, living men. 

And she said, too, that a shadow of woe would come to those who should say
they were not living facts, who should assert that "the Masters descend not
to this plane of ours." The Masters as living facts and high ideals will
fill the soul with hope, will themselves help all who wish to raise the
human race. 

Let us not forget these three great ideas. 

	William Q. Judge, 
	The Irish Theosophist, Vol. III, Feb. 1895; p. 73


best wishes,



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