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Re[4]: Theos-World Race of giants -- a question for Adelasie

Mar 15, 2006 12:25 PM
by Vladimir

Hi Adelasie,

Thank you for the hypothesis. I'll think about it.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006, 6:43:48 AM, adelasie wrote:

> Hi Vladimir,

> Please forgive the delay. Our art gallery had an opening this weekend 
> and that kept me quite busy for a few days. Here is our new webpage, 
> just published, if anyone wants to take a look:


> As I read the passage you quoted in the context of  lesson 124, 
> "Determination of Sex," in "Teachings of the Temple," I take the race 
> of giants in question to refer to men as they were developed by means 
> of black magic by women in the early centures of Kali Yuga. That 
> would put this development some 6000 years ago, if I am not mistaken. 
> As I read the references to a race of giants as mentioned in "The 
> Secret Doctrine," I take the description generally to apply to an 
> earlier  Root Race, which would have been in existence much longer 
> ago. 

> Does this make sense? I have been studying this material for most of 
> my adult life, but am definitely no expert. It's a continual 
> discovery for me.

> Adelasie

> On 13 Mar 2006 at 22:46, Vladimir wrote:

>> Well,  having  recently  re-read  HPB's  "Isis  Unveiled", "The Secret
>> Doctrine"  and several other works, I understood that, in general, the
>> farther we go into the past the larger we find the human body. And the
>> "race  of  giants", which gradually dwindled, was a natural outcome of
>> its  materialization.  If  in  the  Temple Teachings quoted below some
>> other "race of giants" was meant, could you tell us what was it?
>> Thanks!
>> Sunday, March 12, 2006, 11:14:59 PM, adelasie wrote:
>> > Privet Vladimir,
>> > I am indeed so associated. I wonder what race of giants you are
>> > considering from the writings of HPB? Could it be that there is more
>> > than one such race? Let me know more specifically what you are
>> > comparing the text to, and I will attempt to say sometihing
>> > intelligent, which, however, will not be the last word on the
>> > subject. 
>> > Paka,
>> > Adelasie
>> > On 12 Mar 2006 at 21:35, Vladimir wrote:
>> >> Hi Adelasie,
>> >> 
>> >> If  I  understood  Paul's remark correctly, you are somehow
>> >> associated with the Temple of the People. A few days ago I read
>> >> "Teachings of the Temple"  and stumbled upon a curious statement
>> >> there in the Lesson 124 entitled "DETERMINATION OF SEX":
>> >> 
>> >> ===================================================================
>> >> === Nature  revenges  itself  for every unbalanced condition, and
>> >> in those earlier ages, when the males were made the tools and
>> >> playthings of the females, the foetus of the male child was
>> >> subjected to all the magical forces of color and sound ? the finer,
>> >> the spiritual forces ? in order that  the  expanding  cells  might
>> >> be saturated with the influences of size,  strength  and  beauty  ;
>> >> and as the selfish uses of such forces constitute  black  magic 
>> >> and  consequent  loss of power, it naturally followed  that  while 
>> >> the power of the female diminished the power of the  male 
>> >> increased,  and  as  the  ability to influence the form and
>> >> features  of  a child descended through the male line, the heredity
>> >> so established finally resulted in a race of giants.
>> >> ===================================================================
>> >> ===
>> >> 
>> >> From HPB works I learned a different reason of existence of the
>> >> race of giants. Could you please comment on this?
>> >> 

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