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Re: Theos-World Challenge for prize

Mar 15, 2006 11:29 AM
by krsanna

John -- I'm glad you like the fun.  Would you like a voodoo doll 
with costume, special forces galactica badge and ID card?  (The 
deluxe model is out of stock.)  

May the force be with you, brother,


--- In, samblo@... wrote:
> Krsanna,
>    He he, I like your creative sense of humor. I have 8 different 
POP numbers 
> I can choose to use, each has a different server, each has 
hundreds of other 
> users who also use the POP to begin access. The only rule is that 
they are 
> somewhere within 3 miles of my actual location, but being on a T-1 
Gateway means 
> they mask off critical personal data and even if they do store on 
a long term 
> basis data of the user it still takes a Court Order to get it from 
any access 
> provider, to do otherwise lays them open to lawsuit.  Yep, the 
servers can 
> actually be anywhere, even in Europe, New Zealand or elsewhere 
dependent upon the 
> exigencies of the at the moment traffic on the Internet. Using a 
> anywhere is actually a 1/7 of a second consideration no matter 
where it is.
> Best regards,
> John
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