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Re: Theos-World Challenge for prize

Mar 15, 2006 10:39 AM
by samblo

   He he, I like your creative sense of humor. I have 8 different POP numbers 
I can choose to use, each has a different server, each has hundreds of other 
users who also use the POP to begin access. The only rule is that they are 
somewhere within 3 miles of my actual location, but being on a T-1 Gateway means 
they mask off critical personal data and even if they do store on a long term 
basis data of the user it still takes a Court Order to get it from any access 
provider, to do otherwise lays them open to lawsuit.  Yep, the servers can 
actually be anywhere, even in Europe, New Zealand or elsewhere dependent upon the 
exigencies of the at the moment traffic on the Internet. Using a server 
anywhere is actually a 1/7 of a second consideration no matter where it is.

Best regards,

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