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Spy letter

Mar 15, 2006 00:27 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

This is what I could find out about famous "spy letter".
It is said to be kept in the Central State Archive of Russia (though 
the number is not given).
This letter is dated 26 dec. 1872.

As for the autencity of the letter.
The author of the letter boasts her connections in Egypt and 
knowledge of the foreign languages: French, English and Italian 
fluently, German & Hungarian well, Turkish a little.

Yet we have an evidence of Leadbeater that HPB knew Arabian well.
It is strange that this language is not mentioned in the letter, 
taking into account that it is the most important language for spying 
in Egypt. So most probably author of the letter didn't know that fact 
about HPB.

One may presume of course that HPB learned that language later but 
it's scarcely possible, for since beginning of the 1870's she didn't 
stay in Arabic countries for a long time.
I may also add that Hungarian language is very complicated and its 
fluent knowledge is extremely rare though occurs. But in this latter 
case the person as a rule dedicates all his life to the studies 
somehow connected with Hungary.

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