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Parent society abolished - 1887

Mar 14, 2006 10:10 PM
by krsanna

Dallas put together these quotes, which I found online.  After the 
parent society was abolished, India became a section like other 
sections, but with no authority over other sections or lodges.  HPB 
created the Esoteric Section with the hope that it would guide 
Theosophical Societies.  As stated in an earlier post, Annie Besant 
attacked Judge and took control of the Esoteric Society after HPB 
died in a classic palace revolt.  Best regards, Krsanna

"There is no longer a 'Parent Society;' it is abolished and replaced 
by an aggregate body of Theosophical Societies, all 
autonomous...such is the real state of things." 
HPB [Lucifer, Vol. 4, p. 508] Thy. Mag. Vol 6, p. 477


"We are now to be like the Freemasons, who are one and all, in every 
part of the world, Freemasons. Yet each Grand Lodge is independent, 
autonomous...and yet every member a Freemason and traveling into 
every Lodge if he follows the rule. 
You are quite right that Autonomy was agreed on as the method. There 
would be very great clumsiness and friction in being part of the 
American T.S. Each great territory, like an individual, stands on 
its own feet, while all are united in aim...keep in mind that what 
we ought to work for is to bring the truths of Theosophy before the 
greatest number of persons and not that we seek office or honour, 
then our best efforts must have good results." 
WQJ Letters That Have Helped Me, p. 171


"The period which we have now reached in this cycle that will close 
between 1897-98 is, and will continue to be, one of great conflict 
and continued strain...No opportunity will be lost of sowing 
dissension, of taking advantage of mistaken and false moves, of 
instilling doubt, of augmenting difficulties, of breathing 
suspicions, so that by any and every means the unity of the Society 
may be broken and the ranks of our Fellows thinned and thrown into 
disarray. Never has it been more necessary for the members of the 
T.S. to lay to heart the old parable of the bundle of sticks than it 
is at the present time: divided, they will inevitably be broken, one 
by one; united, there is no force on earth able to destroy our 
Brotherhood...Self-watchfulness is never more necessary than when a 
personal wish to lead, and wounded vanity, dress themselves in the 
peacock's feathers of devotion and altruistic work; but at the 
present crisis of the Society a lack of self-control and 
watchfulness may become fatal in every case...If every fellow in the 
Society were content to be an impersonal force for good, careless of 
praise or blame so long as he subserved the purposes of the 
Brotherhood, the progress made would astonish the World and place 
the Ark of the T.S. out of danger. Take for your motto in 
conduct..."Peace with all who love Truth in sincerity." 
HPB Five Messages, (1891) p. 29 


In 1885 when HPB was exiled from Adyar, the Master wrote: 
"The Society has liberated itself from our grasp and influence, and 
we have let it go...It is now a soulless corpse, a machine run so 
far well enough, but which will fall to pieces when...Out of the 
three objects, the second alone is attended to; it is no longer a 
Brotherhood, nor a body over the face of which broods the Spirit 
beyond the Great Range." 
[Theosophist, October 1907] Theosophy Mag. Vol. 6, p. 477


"Let us then press forward together in the great work of the real 
Theosophical Movement, which is aided by working organizations, but 
is above them all...We will then each and all be members of that 
Universal Lodge of Free and Independent Theosophists which embrace 
every friend of the human race." 
WQJ Letter to European Convention 1895 from the Theosophical 
Society in America -- Path Vol. 10, p. 136 

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