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Re: Theos-World Re: WHEN TRUTH IS A LIE

Mar 14, 2006 09:10 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Ah! I found what I was looking for. It was more casting doubt than proving false, but here's an indirect ref:

Bart Lidofsky wrote:

You are right; I was hoping that somebody here might know more about it. I will find out for sure tomorrow, however.


krsanna wrote:

Bart -- Can you provide an authority for that citation. "I heard... [somewhere, sometimes]" doesn't do you justice. I'm sure you can come up with something better than that.

Best regards,

--- In, Bart Lidofsky <bartl@...> wrote:

krsanna wrote:

Cass -- I posted the "Bowen Notes" taken from meetings with HPB shortly before her death. Best regards, Krsanna
I thought I heard something about the Bowen Notes being
fraudulent; I

will have to check up on this.


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