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Krsanna's servers and computer?

Mar 14, 2006 04:18 PM
by krsanna

Hey John -- I should let Bill figure-figure on the IP addresses a 
little longer, but I just threw him some good hints.  (Like, the IP 
addrress for the Yahoo server.)  Since this list is on a Yahoo 
server, and I post directly on Yahoo's server, Bill will get the 
answers he's looking for by calling Yahoo.

I use three different servers located in three different cities in 
two states.  That's pretty common for someone like me who hosts four 
web sites and uses three different computers -- one laptop and two 
desktops.  My email address uses an IP on a server in Michigan even 
though I log on in Montana.

I post my messages directly on Yahoo's server.  So... who's IP 
address is on the header???

The first member that names the right server wins a yummy prize.  In 
order to claim the prize, the winner need only post their street 
address on the list.  (Post office boxes not accepted.)  

Then we'll know where the winner lives.  

Best regards,

--- In, samblo@... wrote:
> Bill,
>   Here are a few Hotlinks in regard to IP Address Protocols and 
> My IP says I am in LA Cal. approx. 500 miles away, lol. That one 
reason I said 
> the IP Paul thinks is Daniel's just is not valid basis. A look 
into these 
> links will give a window. Any one on the list can see using one of 
the Hotlinks 
> what their alleged IP addy is and also see where they really 
>  <A HREF="
hl=en&q=ip+address&btnG=Google+Search">ip address - Google Search</A>
>  <A HREF="";>WRQ 
Tutorials - IP Addressing Fundamentals</A> 
>  <A HREF="";>WRQ 
Tutorials - IP Addressing Calculator</A> 
>  <A HREF="";>WRQ 
Tutorials - IP Subnet Addressing</A> 
>  <A HREF="";>ARIN: WHOIS Database 
>  <A 
i212381_top1,00.html">Define IP address - a 
>  Enjoy,
> John
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