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Re: Theos-World Wheaton X Tacoma TS: Motives?

Mar 14, 2006 04:00 PM
by krsanna

Bart -- I have repeatedly explained to you that the case is in 
litigation and the court will determine the merits of both parties 
based on Washington State law.  Perhaps you do not know the workings 
of discovery in a legal case.  

Why do you refuse to let the court review the case before you leap 
to conclusions about either party?  What is it that makes your 
emotional attachment and opinion more important that the court?

The Tacoma Lodge is satisfied to abide by the judgment of the 
court.  Why aren't you?

Do you not understand the protocols of litigation?  The facts of the 
case are best not discussed with anyone but attorneys and courts.

I have not discussed the actual facts of the case on this list.  It 
would be a tremendous disservice to Tacoma to do that.

I will post the court's ruling of the case on this list when 
litigation is complete.  In the meantime, soap operas may be a good 
outlet for you.  A good opera may work too.

Best regards,

--- In, Bart Lidofsky <bartl@...> wrote:
> Steven Levey wrote:
> > My feeling that the TSA's motive is obvious has to do with the 
> > fact of their being a court case. To me this means that their 
> > motive has nothing to do with assisting the Tacoma Lodge "to 
> > better able to help and teach others". It is to rein them in from
> > their independence, as you mentioned, and bring them in-line 
with how
> > the TSA wants their Lodges to behave, regarding procedure. To me
> > there is nothing else to be seen regarding their motive, 
> > of how they put it.
> 	And what behavior is it that the Tacoma Lodge is exhibiting 
that the 
> TSA does not wish them to exhibit?
> 	Bart

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