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Role of Esoteric Section after parent society abolished

Mar 14, 2006 06:06 AM
by krsanna

Abolishing the parent society at Adyar and creating the Esoteric 
Section to guide the TS is are key events in Theosophical history that 
explains much of the Besant-Leadbeater era.  HPB created the Esoteric 
Section with W. Q. Judge almost simultaneously with abolishing the 
parent society under Olcott's control in 1887-88.  Olcott continued at 
Adyar as a theosophical society with no authority over other lodges 
while HPB placed much hope in the Esoteric Section and appointed Judge 
her agent in the ES at the time of her death.

Shortly after HPB's death, Annie Besant attacked Judge and recalled 
materials for the Esoteric Section that HPB had distributed for a 
classic palace revolt.  HPB had placed considerable power in the 
Esoteric Section and Besant needed only to dismantle the Esoteric 
Section entrusted to Judge to gather back the forces of authority at 
Adyar. After attacking Judge, Besant recalled materials HPB 
distributed to members of the Esoteric Section and took control of the 
new section with her own version of the World Mother and World Teacher 
to await "The Coming" with Leadbeater discoursing with The Christ.  
The only documentation I have not seen with my own eyes is the 
correspondence where Annie Besant recalled the materials HPB had 
issued to the Esoteric Section.  I have seen HPB's references to the 
materials she distributed to members she selected to join the Esoteric 

These events are documented in correspondence and documents of the 
era.  It was a classic palace revolt conducted by an experienced 
political activist in Annie Besant.

Best regards,
Krsanna Duran

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