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Re: Theos-World What TSA will win in lawsuit

Mar 14, 2006 05:41 AM
by krsanna

I realize you think Tacoma and TSA are both hiding something.  We 
are talking about a lawsuit that remains in the court, where the 
facts will be addressed thoroughly.

Are you suggesting that the facts should be revealed to you, to your 
satisfacton, on this list?  What would be the point of judicial 
review if everyone just told you all the facts on the list?  Then 
Bart could give us his opinion and the matter would be solved?

Your questions are, for the most part, self-explanatory if you think 
about them a little.

Bart wrote:  "Then why did Olcott continue to be actively President 
of an organization that did not exist?"

Krsanna wrote:  Olcott's work at Adyar continued as a theosophical 
society but not as the parent society.  The parent society with 
authority over other lodges ended, while the local theosophical 
society at Adyar continued without no authority.  Think of it as the 
difference between a McDonald's franchihse and the corporate 

After you have read the correspondence and even "Old Diary Leaves" 
regarding this period, we can discuss the situation more.  What's 
the point of discussing events on which you have not made the effort 
to do some discovery?    

The "discussion" goes on and on with more questions.  The next 
chapter does not explain the birds and the bees.  


--- In, Bart Lidofsky <bartl@...> wrote:
> krsanna wrote:
> > Bart -- A dose of theosophical history is in order.  
> 	Except some of the history seems to be self-contradictory. 
For example...
> > The decision to abolish the parent society was made by Olcott 
> > HPB when they met after Olcott received the letter on the 
> > which was precipitated in HPB's absence while Olcott was alone.  
> 	Then why did Olcott continue to be actively President of an 
> organization that did not exist?
> > created in 1875, and Judge was most active in that corporation.  
> > Adyar TS claim that it was founded in 1875 is baloney.  Olcott 
> > not even go to Adyar until several years later; thus, the Adyar 
> > could not have existed in 1875.  (Do you understand that?)
> 	Then why did Judge try so hard to become the President of 
> Theosophical Society in Adyar?
> > After answering your questions several times, you still do not 
> > understand.  This is a problem that you must come to terms with, 
> > a way most suitable for you.
> 	The problem is not what's being said. It's what's not being 
> Wheaton is claiming the reason for the lawsuits is 
misappropriation of 
> property. Tacoma is claiming that the reason for the appropriation 
> property is the lawsuit. Tacoma claims that Wheaton is appointing 
> members to the Tacoma Lodge, but the bylaws of the TSA do not give 
> such a power, and I have never heard of such a thing happening 
> Tacoma claims that the TSA wants to control what it teaches, but 
> side has specified what teachings Tacoma objects to, nor what 
> Wheaton objects to.
> 	In other words, frankly, I think BOTH sides are hiding 
> 	Bart

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