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Re: Question for Adelasie?

Mar 13, 2006 05:07 PM
by nhcareyta

Dear Adelasie
Thank you for this insightful clarification. It will be shared with 
my fellow students, with the required disclaimers of course. 
>From my perspective it succinctly captures some of the broader 
causative factors whilst now recognising the essential role and 
responsibility of personality. 
It can be difficult to know where to pitch comments on a forum such 
as this where "beginner" and "more studied" participants share and 
learn. My experience suggests we are all beginners in our attempts to 
truly comprehend the deeper mysteries. 
For this reason, time constraints notwithstanding, more elaborate 
explanations can often be helpful to us all. You seem to be one who 
can elucidate certain complexities into everyday language which is a 
rare gift. Whether your concepts are accurate or not is for each to 
decide, to which you allude in this post.
Thank you again.


--- In, "adelasie" <adelasie@...> wrote:
> Hi Nigel,
> I probably didn't express my thought very well. Also, nobody should 
> take my word for anything, certainly not to the point of 
> and hopelessness. I spend a lot of time in study classes and know 
> that we are all students and teachers to each other, trying 
> to gain some understanding of the mysteries to which we have been 
> given access. 
> Try this:
> The individual human being is a lot more than a personality encased 
> in a flesh and blood body. This might be the key to the conundrum. 
> is the real person, the enduring incorporeal entity which expresses 
> itself in human form over and over again through eons of a 
> on its journey to conscious unity with its Source, which is the 
> in terms of destiny. To the extent that we recognize our real 
> identity in the cosmic scheme do we become conscious of the 
> responsibility we bear for all that happens to us, and, in a larger 
> sense, to what happens everywhere. 
> According to the dictates of our personality, our temporary modus 
> operandi, so to speak, we behave within or without the law of our 
> nature. When we choose to behave in accordance with that law, we 
> ourselves in line with balance and harmony. When we choose to 
> contrary to that law, we find ourselves, sooner or later, in 
> disharmony with that law. It is the forces of nature which 
> the results of our decisions and their resulting actions. 
> When trying to understand the contour of human affairs, it is often 
> helpful to step back from the plane of personality, a fairly low 
> level in the scale of causality after all, and consider the plane 
> forces, the impersonal cause and effect realm. It takes the 
> off trying to figure out who is right and who is wrong, who is good 
> and who is bad, things we can't really know anyway, and puts our 
> attention on the more general working out of human destiny, 
> to what we do know. Fear less and love more. Acceptance, 
> Foregiveness, Compassion, the list goes on and on. 
> Does that help?
> Adelasie 
> On 13 Mar 2006 at 2:34, nhcareyta wrote:
> > 
> > Dear Adelasie, 
> > You wrote:
> > "Whatever happens in the course of human affairs, and
> > everything else, for that matter, is not a result of the efforts 
> > human personalities. It is a result of the eternal play of forces 
> > nature, those behind the scenes motivators which permeate 
> > In human affairs it is often useful to remember this fact. Karma 
> > the great equalizer. Everything that happens is the result of some
> > previous cause. The forces of nature are the instruments of 
Karma, and
> > work to reestablish harmony and balance constantly. Every human 
> > can be viewed, and de-mystified to a great extent, from the point 
> > view of this information."
> > 
> > Improperly understood, this passage could well lead a student 
into a
> > state of helplessness and hopelessness. To the ordinary eye,
> > personalities, are causative agents which reap their consequences 
> > every level. Prima facie, this passage appears to disempower
> > individuals altogether, from which could be inferred a pointless
> > existence. Would you care to elaborate on your statement?
> > 
> > Regards
> > Nigel
> > 
> >

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