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A Master deceive or tell a lie ???

Mar 13, 2006 12:57 PM
by M. Sufilight

Hallo all,

My views are:

The following link might help some Seekers to understand,
the word "compassion", and the words "lying" and "misleading".
El-Khidr - Avatar and Christ principle

Also this one Taken from the book "The Initiate in the New World by His Pupil", chapter 2,
written by Cyril Scott about his Master or teacher JMH.
Let the initiated JMH speak:

Here the Master got up from his chair, stepped for a while as he talked.
"What, then, is the distinguishing feature between morality and supermorality? It is
selflessness of motive. The former comes from the brain, the latter from the heart; the
former is dependent on rules and conventions, the latter is entirely dependent on the
demands of circumstances. Take such a simple example as deception. Are any of you
so innocent as to suppose that even I, whom you are pleased to call your Master, would
not and do not deceive you when I think it is for your own good? Yet there are those
who would hold up their hands in horror at such an idea. 'A Master deceive or tell a lie
- unthinkable, impossible!' They little realize that in one sense a Master needs to act, which
is but a form of deceiving- the greater part of every day. Imagine an Initiate who
has acquired that unconditional ever - permanent Love - Consciousness (which, as you
know, is a concomitant of Adeptship) behaving in a manner consistent with that inner
consciousness? Do you imagine we Initiates dare show the love we feel for everyone?
Why, we should probably soon find ourselves in the lunatic asylum, and have to waste
our so - called miraculous powers in trying to get out again!"
A ripple of laughter went through the little assembly.
It is all very well for those much - talked of Mahatmas who live the lives of hermits
in the fastnesses of the Himalayas: they can behave as they like . at least they
could, if they really did live as hermits- but as a matter of fact many of them and do not
spend the whole day in ecstatic contemplation.

A Sufilight comment:
Somtimes we have to mislead, deceive, keep secrets and even lie.
This we sometimes do out of compassion with a higher aim, than the ignorant Seekers
are aware of. (An example: The Seekers ask the Master: Are you more than 500 years old? 
(with a sort of hidden intention of following every step of the Master, if the answer is, Yes.
The Master will perhaps have to say, No!, because the Seekers needs other experiences and the 
Master has other work to do.)

BUT, that doesn't imply, that we seek to lead you into a direction of ignorance
about wisdom and compassion - or try to turn you into ordinary Scholars with a special
interest in theosophical and similar teachings.

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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