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RE: Message From Carlos on Erica

Mar 13, 2006 12:54 PM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Dear Jerry,

(copy, Erica)

Thank you very much.

I have also received a kind personal message from Erica and replied to it.

Erica is a long-standing, sincere and dedicated Theosophist. She has, as long as I know,
a progressive, open-minded view of the movement as a whole.

Best regards, Carlos.

From: Jerry Hejka-Ekins <>
Subject: Theos-World Message to Carlos from Erica
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 00:23:58 -0800

Dear Carlos, Friends,

As you know, Erica has left the group. But she asked me to forward this
message for her.


Dear Carlos,
Thank you for your kind e-mail. There is not any pressure from Adyar for
me to leave this group!. I left the group for the reasons explained in
my previous e-mail and also for I can't stand any more so many conflicts
going on here all the time, this is happening for years now.
Please if anyone wishes to post an e-mail for me, you may send it to my
private e-mail for I left the group immediatly after I posted my
previous message here. I am no longer a member of this group.
""Error runs down an inclined plane, while the Truth has to laboriously
climb its way up hill." Old truisms are often the wisest. The human mind
can hardly remain entirely free from bias, and decisive opinions are
often formed before a thorough examination of a subject from all its
aspects has been made." Secret Doctrine 1, p. XVII
My best wishes for all of you,
Erica Letzerich
Dear Erica,

Thanks for your message to me, below.

I am confident that the many loyal and honest Adyar TS members, like you and
other friends of mine, will make the Adyar TS improve in the future.

This is my sincere wish.

I am sure you are most aware of the tremendously negative influence C.W.
Leadbeater has had over the Adyar TS. You are, I think, aware of the need
to go ahead and beyond CWL's clairvoyant fancies. Are you not?

This is, I believe, one of the many points we have in common in our views of
the movement.

I would like to add that CWL was not merely "attacked". His absurd texts,
which Adyar tries to hide from readers, were accurately quoted. Nearly
fact I mention involving Adyar is a fact with sources, and sources usually
undeniable by Adyar -- that's is why no one defends CWL's fancies in the
Adyar leadership. You KNOW that, Erica.

Now, it has been said and denounced, here, that some Adyar Society members
suffer pressure and
sometimes people are threatened with expulsion if they take part in free
Internet discussions like Theos-talk.

It was recently denounced here -- an Australia case, I think.

If by any chance this pressure is being made on you, you have my
solidarity. I know how it works.

Everyone has his or her own rythm. Take your time.

Best regards, Carlos.

>From: "Erica Letzerich" <eletzerich@...
>Subject: Theos-World Re: Leaving (Adyar)
>Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 10:46:45 -0000
>Dear friends,
>Once Christians, for the sake of their truth murdered those who were
>thinking different accusing them as heretics and black magicians.
>Here they are trying to kill those who think different under the
>claim they are Dugpas. Any similarity?
>But this is not something expressed in this group now, I am four
>years member here and such kind of claims and accusations are going
>on here all the time or at least the last four years. There is a
>pattern that goes on and on here, it is like this group can't move
>forward but keeps rewinding and rewinding. And such pattern:
>Endless attacks to the T.S. Adyar
>Endless critics to C.W.L.
>Endless defense of Judge and Blavatsky
>Endless accusations, to other fellow writers calling them as Dugpas,
>black magicians etc.
>Well such are the basics of this group and I think should also be
>explicit in its objects and not veiled! Even me who I am student of
>Blavatsky and I have also my critics to C.W.L., I can't stand it no
>more! I am not planning to spend the rest of my life or even one year
>more reading the same kind of postings as I am doing the last four
>Below there is a quote from the Mahatma Letters, letter n. 8
>" Love, an Immense Love for humanity as a Whole! For it
>! is "Humanity" which is the great Orphan, the only disinherited one
>upon this earth, my friend. And it is the duty of every man who is
>capable of an unselfish impulse to do something, however little, for
>its welfare. Poor, poor humanity! It reminds me of the old fable of
>the war between the Body and its members; here too, each limb of this
>huge "Orphan" fatherless and motherless selfishly cares but for
>itself. The body uncared for suffers eternally, whether the limbs are
>at war or at rest. Its suffering and agony never cease. . . ."K.H.
>And now as the cherry on the cake is the post below! What he is
>trying to tell us? Trying to justify all this attacks also to members
>this group as theosophical principle of the Universal Brotherhood, as
>a theosophical duty? How far from the truth he is! Theosophical
>duties are far away from behaviour that express fanaticism and not a
>dro! p of compassion towards others. If he could probably he would
>include in the above quote that humanity do not include theosophists
>which thinks in a different way!
>Also as a member of the Theosophical Society Adyar, I think I have to
>take a position, and what that would be? To leave this group that,
>has been used basically for endless attacks to the above
>organization, and when they are not attacking Adyar they will find
>always somebody here to attack!

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