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Re: Theos-World P.S. for Carlos - What Paul will NOT say

Mar 13, 2006 10:57 AM
by krsanna

Since Paul and his book have assumed such controversial proportions, 
I am going to go the extra mile for quality.  I work at a university 
have have good relationships with professors of Enlightenment 
Literature and 3rd World Literature who supervise graduate 
students.  One teaches research methods and theory.  

I am going to see if I can get one (or both) to review Paul's book 
objectively, with an eye on the research.  At best, this cannot be 
done until the end of summer, after finals are done and the campus 
quiets down a bit.  

In a worst-case scenario, I wiill find a literatures graduate 
student and get the book reviewed; although a review by someone who 
supervises and teaches research would be much better.  

I purchased TMR for my own interest and, partpicularly, to see the 
research methodology.  I had no idea this would so controversial; 
but, since it is, I want an objective third party to look at the 
book and provide an opinion.

Best regards,

--- In, Vladimir <forums@...> wrote:
> Monday, March 13, 2006, 1:55:12 AM, krsanna wrote:
> > I sent the last mail too quickly, before adding a P.S. about 
> > questions I have about Paul's interest.  I found a cheap, used 
> > of Paul's book and ordered it and will read it soon.  I still do 
> > know what he really says about HPB in it.
> Oh,  please-please-please,  after  reading  it,  would  you post a 
> quotes  from  him supporting his allegations about HPB's supposed 
> of integrity? Paul himself, for some mysterious reason, keeps 
> my  requests  (unless  I've  missed something here) to quote any 
> evidence from his own books. I'm sure this would constitute "fair 
> and won't infringe anyone's copyright. :)
>  Vladimir

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