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Re: Theos-World The "Canonical" Esoterists and Theosophists...and scholars

Mar 13, 2006 10:50 AM
by M. Sufilight


Electronical exchanges

Love can only be got through love.
The universe can be expressed with one word, and that is : Love.
Try to you understand, that Hate and anger are only lower vibrations of love.
When you understand that, you will see,that there is only love...
Love comes from the heart, where it grows out and up through the head to the
benefit of all the worlds beings.
If you think that "the God of your choice" is far away, then help also is far away. If
you think that "the God of your choice" is near help is also near.
Always help, never hurt. Do your best, and that will be all right, - but
then you have to do it - and not only try to do it.
Do not give up in your attempt to help others. Keep moving forward.
All humans are created equal.
My religion is love. My country is the world.
I am yours, and you are mine.
To be a coofin maker and lose your job, because the number of corpse is
going down, is really a tragedy.
Love is silent it does not require emails,
but when it do, and degrades itself, it covers it self with words.
(rewritten from words taken from a friend)
- - - - - - -

Baird T. Spalding - one of the teachers (Excellent biography)
The Ideal of Christ:
"There is but one Christ of all mankind. If we stand one with Christ, we are that very thing.
Jesus presented the Christ to the world, which all men may present if they will."
"Always, man's divinity is man's higher attitude. It can be proved in every instance."
"You are perfectly free to make the ascension at any instant, and you are always living to a higher level because you are presenting that ideal."

Oom the Omnipotent and some of our friends

Cyril Scott (Charles Broadbent) - one of the teachers

M. Sufilight listening to "I am Crucified"...and some inner and deeper vibrations...

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Thanks Morten and thanks for the watermelon follow-up.  I do hope that
many e-mailers here will go to the reference and read the post in its



M. Sufilight wrote:
Hallo all,

My views are:

In the recent postings of various kind, I find that some of the e-mailers
here at Theos-talk have overlooked the issue I emailed about on
the november 8th, 2006.
You can read all of it here:

Here is an excerpt from the email.

"There is a vast accumulation of Theosophical teachings, much of it in
writings, which would-be students plough through, looking for
Theosophy, and wondering why it seems, so often, self-contradictory.
The simple answer is that this material is largely time-and-culture-
based. Most of it was prescribed for specific audiences at
certain times and under particular conditions. Choosing the
relevant materials for any time is a specialised task. To try to
make sense of all of it would be like taking a bundle of medical
prescriptions, issued over the years to a variety of people, and
working out one's own therapy from such largely irrelevant
papers - and without a certain specialised knowledge. Theosophical
Teaching is PRESCRIBED.

Such parts of the Theosophical and Esoterical Classics, stories,
and letters and lectures and so on which apply to the individual
and the group today - have to be selected and applied consciously
and appropriately, by someone who is attuned to certain realities.

This concept is especially irksome to the academic worker, who
always has a bias towards utillising every scrap of information
he can find, not towards assessing contemporary applicability.
He is, in fact, in a different field from the Theosophist. His attitude
influences even general readers.

If the scholar is unwilling to accept this concept, the conventional
spiritual thinker is equally hampered. He, or she, does not wish
to face the fact that Theosophical activity is often carried out in
a way, which does not, for the conventionalist, resemble spiritual
matters at all. The fact that the Theosophist has to script and
project his teaching in a manner which will work - not in a
manner which will remind others of spirituality - arouses, if ever
perceived, feelings of great discomfort in the conditional
'devout' man or woman.

Yet the Theosophist insists that the adherence to traditional forms is
not a spiritual activity at all."

- - - - - - -

It is important, that we remember, that a lot of the past theosophical teachings,
letters, books, phamplets, and articles is of a nature, which because of language
īs adapted to time and place etc. And what was important back then, are
sometimes not useful today.

I can only encourage the Seekers to Avoid being
only an Orthodox Theosophist or an ordinary Scholar.

Please, let us be compassionate.

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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