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No time for that

Mar 13, 2006 10:30 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Dear Friends,

For one who pretends to explain Blavatsky to theosophists, even though not being one and also believing she was a semi-fraud, Paul reveals himself as far too sensitive, personally; and far too worrying about little and petty frustrations of a personal character.

I will not pay attention to that stuff below. I will only clarify that his false attacks to me are a logic result of his false attacks to HPB. Only less disguised -- which, by the way, is a progress.

Best regards, Carlos.

From: "kpauljohnson" <>
Subject: Theos-World Re: What I most admire
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 17:46:57 -0000

Dear Krsanna,

Now I see this followup, and realize it was you and not Steve who
asked the original question.  (He had written me privately at the
same time.)  You wrote:
> Paul -- Thank you for clarifying your admiration for HPB.  Is it
> fair to say that HPB lived the first object as a condition of her
> life and worked ceaselessly to accomplish this among the many
races, creeds, religions and genders with whom she associated?
PJ-- No, that is anachronistic IMO.  The First Object came along a
few years after the TS was founded, and the sole objective of
the "original" TS-- to collect and diffuse knowledge of the laws of
the universe (pardon the paraphrase) strikes me as more or less what
HPB had been living all her life up to that point.  I don't think she
saw herself so much in terms of a mediator among or reconciler of
different spiritual traditions (or peoples) until after going to
India, which occurred around the time of the adoption of the First


> viewed.  HPB said that "The Secret Doctrine," was written as a form
> of jnana yoga for Westerners.  The Bowen Notes:  "As one progresses
> in Jnana Yoga one finds conceptions arising which though one is
> conscious of them, one cannot express nor yet formulate into any
> sort of mental picture. As time goes on these conceptions will form
> into mental pictures. This is a time to be on guard and refuse to
be  deluded with the idea that the new found and wonderful picture
must represent reality. It does not. As one works on one finds the
once admired picture growing dull and unsatisfying, and finally fading
> out or being thrown away."
PJ-- I always loved that passage, but have heard or read that there
are objections to the Bowen notes, some case that has been made in
recent years that they aren't authentic.  Perhaps someone here will
recall details.
> The main difference between age 20 and age 57 is that I know this
is the process of growth, that those who become fixed in dull and
> unsatisfying images are not progressing at a personal level.  At age
> 20 I thought I knew it all, but at age 57 I HOPE I don't know it
> all.  It would be really disappointing to think that what I know is
> all there is.
PJ-- One of the notable features of visiting this yahoo group
intermittently over the years is seeing which members are saying
exactly the same things in the same ways, and which ones are not so
predictable.  I usually have a new set of enthusiasms every time I
come back, but often find people determined to fight the battles of
1994-96 (re TMR) over and over daily.

> If this list is not of value to you at this time, then it might be

PJ-- "At this time" is a very poor benchmark, in light of the
relentless accusations and insults from Carlos that make Daniel seem
like a piker.  Interesting in that they emanate from someone who
feigned interest in friendship but turned into a Theosophical
cyberstalker who outdoes his apparent role model.

a good idea for you to leave it.  I do not say this with any rancor,
> but with an eye for what is best for you at this time.

PJ-- At this time, a single hostile individual is going off the deep
end with relentless aggressive posts-- after starting out telling me
he was going to put an end to "twelve years of persecution" of me
here by Daniel.  From the looks of things, we could be in for another
twelve years of this kind of behavior.  Probably it's best for *most*
individuals to leave the list rather than endure such an atmosphere,
and I understand why Erica and Pedro have done so.  But what about
the group itself?  What is best for theos-talk?  Plenty of
listmembers seem to think that what is best for theos-talk is not to
let honest, sincere, and well-meaning people be run off the list by
fanatical bigots who are none of the above.

> My hope for you is that you grow in the context of jnana yoga that
> HPB envisioned with "The Secret Doctrine," as expressed in the
Bowen Notes:  "... The process goes on, until at last the mind and
its pictures are transcended and the learner enters and dwells in the
> world of NO FORM, but of which all forms are narrowed reflections."
I hope you hope that for everyone here- and elsewhere.  We can all
use such wishes.



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