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Mar 13, 2006 10:07 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline


Bad News for HPB’s Slanderers?



Carlos Cardoso Aveline


Dear Friends,

It might be interesting to look at a few central data from H.P. Blavatsky’s astrological chart, and thus evaluate the libels according to which she was a “charlatan” -- to use Paul Johnson’s word (1).

First of all, one should consider that people are in general but the slaves of their best, or strongest, qualities.

The Sun in Leo ( 18 degrees, 05 minutes in HPB’s chart ) makes a person too strong in confrontation, in truthfulness, in Light and in self-confidence to indulge in, or accept, dishonesty and fraud. People with Sun in Leo are, literally, sunny persons. (2)

The Ascendant in Cancer ( 11 degrees 56 minutes in HPB’s chart ) makes a person too strong in emotions to fake situations. The feelings will change (like the Moon); but sincerity, sensibility and a certain vulnerability will be there all the time, even if under a protective armour, or shell. The Ascendant in Cancer also makes a person deeply devoted to his or her family. HPB’s true family was mankind, nay, all life. And her closest relatives in such an universal family were some Adepts -- and her own co-disciples.

The Moon in Libra ( 09 degrees, 41 minutes in HPB’s chart) opens the person’s emotions to the others. There is transparency and a need to share with other people everything that is dear to one. There is an openess that leads the compassionate Ascendant in Cancer to love and to try to protect all beings and each of them. Such a Leo/Cancer/Libra person is too valiant and too sensitive at the same time, which provokes a strongly challenging, but splendid alchemical process. HPB’s life shows that.

HPB’s chart has no planet in Gemini -- a zodiacal sign often associated -- in its lower aspects -- with ambiguity and disguised action. More: her twelfth house, a house of suffering and loss, begins in Gemini, which means that she may suffer in the hands of astutely dishonest persons (her libelers). And her chart has no planet in Scorpio, either.

Mercury in Virgo in HPB’s chart gave her an objective mind. Her mind kept its “feet on earth”. It had a critical view of things and saw details with great precision. A Virginian mind (Mercury in Virgo) is not false. It is truthful. It wants perfection in all things and hence it is often too critical.

What about the rumours that she was a fraud? Is there an astrological explanation for that? Let’s take a look at it, in three points.

Persons with Cancer ascendant have the tendency to suffer from time to time because of their public image. In some cyclic occasions, they have to “change their shells”, getting rather defenseless in the process.

The Moon in Libra made HPB too vulnerable to other people (while giving her a great sense of beauty, equilibrium, justice and harmony).

H.P.B. had the beginning of her 10th House, the house of public image, at 13 degrees of Piscis. Hence her public image, in its higher aspect, is that of a dreamer, a deep philosopher, a mystic who lives and teaches the dream and the transcendental reality of Universal Brotherhood, Compassion Eternal, Unity in Diversity and Kosmic Love. But in its lower aspect her IMAGE is that of a trickster, a too mysterious woman, a false person. Piscis has no strong outer personal identity because it’s not attached to the world of forms. It is the Ocean. It is the mystery. And so H.P.B.’s public image is that of “a Sphynx”, in spite of the fact that, with Sun in Leo, in reality she did have a most intense and strong sense of identity and knew VERY WELL who she was. Public image is of no substance, per se, and HPB made a lifelong effort to show the difference between outer apearances and inner reality.

The combination of the factors listed above shows a life of courageous self-sacrifice for humanity, with an objective mind, and a person who seeks refuge in the truth but is hurt by lies, falsehoods and cowardly actions.

I hope the above data may help explain both HPB’s sincerity and her suffering. A suffering which occurred in her personality (Ascendant and Moon), and which was largely provoked by disloyalty.

Best regards, Carlos Cardoso Aveline

O o o O o o O o o O o o O o o O


(1) See, for instance, Paul Johnsons’ pamphlet “Madame Blavatsky - The ‘Veiled Years’ ”, Theosophical History Centre, London, 1987, p. 07. On page 03 Johnson mentions his belief that there were “fraudulent aspects” in HPB’s life and work.

(2) H.P.B.’s natal chart was published by Boris de Zirkoff in “The Collected Writings of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky”, TPH, India-USA, third edition, 1988, Volume I, page LXXIV.

O o o O o o O o o O o o O o o O

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