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Re: Theos-World Get the facts, Bart -Tacoma Lodge Resists

Mar 13, 2006 07:03 AM
by Steven Levey

BArt-If you know what motivates the Tacoma Lodge's actions, then you know all you need to know. What motivates the TSA is more than obvious.
Bart Lidofsky <> wrote:
  Steven Levey wrote:
> Sorry Bart-But if this whole business still is not clear, and you
> can't see the "ground" which Tacoma stands on to fight against the
> TSA, then there is really nothing I can say to convince you. In truth
> its not important to me whether or not what I say convinces you of
> anything, but it is important that you rread the evidence and
> whatever you come up with, is what you come up with.

You misunderstand. I know why the people at Tacoma are fighting. What I 
do not understand is what they believe the lawsuit is all about, from 
the point of view of the TSA.


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