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John -- Your email problem (

Mar 13, 2006 05:21 AM
by krsanna

Can you call your provider and see if there's a setting on your server 
that causing an 'attachment' problem?  This is a heads up.

An email I sent you with 3 lines in it was just returned saying that 
you are not accepting any attachments.  There are no attachments on 
the email and there's almost no text.

The message that the email was returned because you are not accepting 
attachments suggests the server rejected the email.  It never got to 
your computer because the server rejected it.  If that's the case, a 
setting on the server may be causing problems.

If worse comes to worse, you might download all your emails and ask 
the provider to create a new email account and delete your old one.  
This sounds strange, and I don't know what software the server is 
using, but I used to resolve little glitchy problems doing this.  


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