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Re: Theos-World What TSA will win in lawsuit

Mar 12, 2006 07:59 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

krsanna wrote:
1. What will the TSA achieve if they win the lawsuit?
ANSWER: Greater authority for the territory they have named as their domain, which is theosophy in America. Justification for their existence, by demonstrating that Theosophical lodges need authority and supervision and that the TSA's spin on theosophy is right. Market domination. These are common human behaviors that have driven much human history. Certainly, you do not suggest that TSA is free of ignorance and territoriality.
Now, tell me, what is it that Tacoma was doing that was in violation of the TSA board's idea of Theosophy?

2. Bart wrote: I don't understand Tacoma's [explanation].
ANSWER: It is regrettable that you do not understand Tacoma's desire for autonomy.
I understand Tacoma's desire for autonomy. I don't understand what they are saying that the TSA's justification is. What more will the TSA gain by the takeover which they don't already have? It's got to be more than a theoretical victory, or else there would not be any justification of the use of assets.

HPB abolished Adyar (TSA's daddy's home) as the parent organization and declared lodges autonomous in 1887. TSA has no legal claim to theosophical lodges other than the authority lodges voluntarily accept.
Can you please show me where this was done, and what HPB's authority to do so was?

Tacoma has never relinquished its autonomy to the TSA at Wheaton. For 60 years, Tacoma has protected its autonomy. The Lodge elected to not revise its bylaws on several occasions since 1941, because it did not want to relinquish the autonomy provided it by the existing bylaws.
	The TSA claims that Tacoma is in violation of the 1941 bylaws.

Personally, I elected to not pass on the drivel that TSA dishes out in the guise of theosophy.
	What drivel DO you believe in?


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