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the natural way things do and end one day...

Mar 12, 2006 07:54 PM
by TarotLine - Kimon

you do not know me yet, but I have been always reading, with a lot of
interest, the postings in this list. I learned a lot and there are
luckily so many people here who know so much more than I do. So, I was
always happy when the digest of this list came.
This happiness, though, has been decreasing in the last times, due to
the way and tone the dialogue is developping.
I had myself two big forums about tarot years ago and I will not tell
you anything new if I say that, if you do not change your way of
treating each other, independently of who is right or wrong or
whatsoever, this list itself will be in a very near future one more
"stinking corpse" in the internet. That would indeed be a shame. Also a
pitty, but even more a real shame for theosophists whose ideals are well
All the best,

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