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Question for Adelasie?

Mar 12, 2006 06:34 PM
by nhcareyta

Dear Adelasie, 
You wrote:
"Whatever happens in the course of human affairs, and
everything else, for that matter, is not a result of the efforts of
human personalities. It is a result of the eternal play of forces of
nature, those behind the scenes motivators which permeate everything.
In human affairs it is often useful to remember this fact. Karma is
the great equalizer. Everything that happens is the result of some
previous cause. The forces of nature are the instruments of Karma,
and work to reestablish harmony and balance constantly. Every human
event can be viewed, and de-mystified to a great extent, from the
point of view of this information."

Improperly understood, this passage could well lead a student into a 
state of helplessness and hopelessness. To the ordinary eye, 
personalities, are causative agents which reap their consequences on 
every level. Prima facie, this passage appears to disempower 
individuals altogether, from which could be inferred a pointless 
Would you care to elaborate on your statement?


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