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Re: Theos-World Get the facts, Bart -Tacoma Lodge Resists

Mar 12, 2006 06:08 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Wheaton has a lot of experience in litigations in the past and I am sure
some of them would have cost a lot of money enriching the expensive lawyers
-- ask anyone who has spent money on litigation!

It would be interesting to watch the outcome Tacoma lodge litigation.

Also some of the well known members of TSA were litigants/plaintiffs  in an
expensive litigation regarding the Co-Masonic organization and the it was
litigated upto the Federal Appeals court and plaintiffs lost. I posted a
reference to the Appeals court judgement some time ago which is worth
reading by anyone interested in the history of co-masons in the USA.


On 3/10/06, krsanna <> wrote:
> The reasons you state here are why judgement of the case needs to be
> done in a court of law.  I am aware that Wheaton claims a violation
> of the publicly filed bylaws.  The court must decide what bylaws are
> the legal instrument of the Washington State Corporation.  TSA's
> appointed members attempted to file new documents with the Secretary
> of State at the time they requested the Lodge's name be changed.
> The Secretary of State said take-overs of this kind this happen more
> often than one might think.  One guy filed his name as an officer of
> Microsoft on several occasions.  After a while, employees of the
> State get to know the individuals who make attempts of this kind.
> When John Scott provided necessary documentation, TSA's members'
> names and documents were removed from the recods by the office of
> the Secretary of State in Washington.  A cloud was put on the
> records to prevent the TSA members from attempting that stunt again,
> without proper notification.
> If you think about it, the individuals TSA added to the Lodge's
> rosters were not legal members of the Lodge.  They had no right to
> file a name change and new instruments for the Lodge as they
> attempted to do.
> Let's see what the court says about it.
> Krasnna

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