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Re: Theos-World Olcott denying HPB?

Mar 12, 2006 04:21 PM
by samblo

    Thanks for your kind reply and comments. I took special note of your 
reference to the "HCO" in one of your posts to me and I do have some familiarity 
to the disciplined training available there and "other" departments thereof.

    BTW, I have been trying to remember a work I once had but let go long 
ago, the entire work was devoted to Calendars, Sun Dials and Gnomens it was by an 
author named "Hewlson" or something close to that. It had wonderful graphical 
contents cross-culturally of the ancient knowledge for instance how the Steps 
of the Parthenon were a calendrical Sundial integrally in the very form and 
structure itself. He diagram "The Cycle of Jupiter" or weekly calendarium of 
five days, substituted for the older reckoning of the Sabbaths, when Saturn 
reigned. He often diagrams "Blundevils Memorial Line for the order in which the 
planets were numbered as the days of the week and to the hours of the day."  
This is a grid reference diagram, planets on horizontal and days on the vertical 
axis. I notice that one can have a perception from this diagram in particular 
to the seven days that outlined resembles a certain glyph found in the 

  Wish I could remember his exact name and the Title of his work but I 
haven't been able too.


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