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Re: Theos-World Is it time to create a new yahoo group?

Mar 12, 2006 02:56 PM
by samblo

   Thanks for the comment. It gives an opportunity to post a consideration 
that had popped into the vacant space I use as a mind, lol. It occurred to me 
that Blavatsky and Olcott and the 14 others, or was it 15 others called it the 
Theosophical SOCIETY not LODGE. So looking in my "white pages" I found many 
Societies listed, SPCA - Society for the Protection against Cruelty to Animals, 
and as far as I know they don't have any "Lodges" although they do provide 
lodging to dogs and cats who fight like hell when their together! When you think 
about it there seems to be a great resemblance to Theosophists on this Forum.


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