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Re: Theos-World Olcott denying HPB?

Mar 12, 2006 02:23 PM
by samblo

    Thanks for your comments and citations. I thank you. I am not familiar 
with the "Prayag Letter" you reference but it seems important to the forensic 
trail of events, perhaps Krsanna will also include these critical elements in 
her capable well endowed and trained efforts. I have high confidence in her 
    I do remember Chakravarti being mentioned as having insinuates his 
influence to someone, Besant?
    I don't have Pelletier's Book. But in any case "clouded" or "obscured" 
doesn't necessarily mean "ruined" to me, the Truth is exsumable. Why did Judge 
reprint only part of the Prayag Letter and not the full letter? In the cursory 
glimpse I had of the first page of the Google listings I read on one of them 
that Besant issued a statement in April and Olcott posted the Postscript in the 
Theosophist in June not April is that correct or not your content in this 
post seems to counterdicte that, am I reading this right? Did Olcott post his 
"Postscript" commentary in two successive issues of the Theosophist?

Where is the complete unchanged "Postscript" of Olcott found online if you 
would you be kind enough to explain what is was and what the view of Basil 
Crump was in this affair, I understand time is precious. Is it a purely 
subjective belief that Olcott sided with the superstitions of the Brahmans or was it 
the purely "Administrative Process" he as President was obligated to carry out 
coupled with his heretical declaration that when Blavatsky laid aside her body 
all communication with the Mahatma's has ceased to happen, and this was 
resented by certain others?  I understand that the Brahmin wanted to maintain 
stasis and continuity of their historical position, that is why I posed the earlier 
question about Adyar post Blavatsky.

Many thanks for your willingness to post the sources you consider cogent in 
the matter,


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