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Race of giants -- a question for Adelasie

Mar 12, 2006 11:21 AM
by Vladimir

Hi Adelasie,

If  I  understood  Paul's remark correctly, you are somehow associated
with the Temple of the People. A few days ago I read "Teachings of the
Temple"  and stumbled upon a curious statement there in the Lesson 124

Nature  revenges  itself  for every unbalanced condition, and in those
earlier ages, when the males were made the tools and playthings of the
females, the foetus of the male child was subjected to all the magical
forces of color and sound  the finer, the spiritual forces  in order
that  the  expanding  cells  might be saturated with the influences of
size,  strength  and  beauty  ; and as the selfish uses of such forces
constitute  black  magic  and  consequent  loss of power, it naturally
followed  that  while  the power of the female diminished the power of
the  male  increased,  and  as  the  ability to influence the form and
features  of  a child descended through the male line, the heredity so
established finally resulted in a race of giants.

>From HPB works I learned a different reason of existence of the race
of giants. Could you please comment on this?

Best regards,

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