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Re: Theos-World Nowhere to Hide in the USA

Mar 12, 2006 10:54 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Hi, just coming back from a little tour.
Your info surprises me not, as the very best 
Communistic secret Service of the GDR is working 
now in the USA with the very same acts ("Home Land 
Security") and rules including persons.

There are rumors that the heist of the foreign 
rule administration in Brainwashington to Iran is 
in its final stage and will begin during this 
Another non public info theosophists should 
consider is that yesterday the US occupation army 
in the fake state FRG is under gagging order from 
EUCOM (European Command).
Civil workers are banned from sensible zones, 
confinement to barracks for the GIs, radio traffic 
freqeuencies are disturbed.

In the words of Olcott and HPB it was one of the 
main aims of the TS to end foreign rule.
Katherine Tingley was much instrumental in the 
Boston Nationalist Movement, were the leading 
persons were theosophists.
In India, the Nationalist party was founded by 
theosophists and the first congress was near the 
Adyar grounds.

Today theosophists are mainstream and support 
anything the foreign rulers wish: drugs, gays, 
cruelty against animals, annihilation of free 
peoples and nations.

I'll follow up my thread during the next time 
where I left it before leaving home.

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There is a very interesting article in todays 
newspapers about how much info
about everyone is available from public sources 
and companies have compiled
them and are available for a small fee. A reporter 
reported that even CIA
employees identities and their past historical 
places of living were
available all culled from public sources. So the 
lesson is that in this day
and age of Internet, it is near impossible to hide 
in the USA. The corollary
is anyone's identity can easily be verified for a 
small fee!


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